Nicotine Delivery Systems Explained

In the modern age of smoking and vaping, the way nicotine is delivered to a person’s brain and body is constantly evolving to match the needs of today’s smokers and vapers. Knowing the exact mechanics behind nicotine delivery to the system can help both beginners and veterans alike understand which system they need to use, from desired delivery to cost-effective choice. From stronger cigarettes to more convenient vapes, there’s plenty of incentive to know which nicotine delivery strategy is the most effective for your wants or needs.

In this guide by South Beach Smoke, we’ll aim to inform curious customers about how nicotine enters the body, bloodstream, and brain, and will point you in the direction of the most effective and affordable choice. By knowing more about nicotine delivery systems, you may be able to more effectively discern which method is right for you. Although cigarettes and vapes both provide nicotine, understanding the methods of each can help you determine the best way to shop, smoke, and vape in the future.

How Cigarettes Deliver Nicotine

The traditional cigarette provides around 1-2 milligrams of nicotine per cigarette, offering a relatively low amount to casual and regular smokers alike. By combusting the tobacco present in each drag, smokers consequently inhale smoke that filters through the bloodstream by way of the lungs. When tobacco smoke enters the lungs, nicotine finds its way to the alveoli– tiny sacs that allow for the passage of gasses and other chemicals.

Once nicotine passes through these vessels, it enters the bloodstream, causing the focused and acutely-euphoric buzz that smokers are typically looking for. In order to receive more nicotine, smokers must choose to either smoke more, find a stronger cigarette, or combine the two to receive stronger effects. This ultimately leads to spending more money on expensive brands and types of cigarettes that do their best to guarantee a better quality of buzz– this is where South Beach Smoke succeeds: where smoking more cigarettes can be harsher to your body and more expensive to your wallet, we offer an alternative for smoother, more-cost effective nicotine delivery.

How Vapes Deliver Nicotine

The ultimate goal of vape companies like South Beach Smoke is to offer customers a smoother, safer, and more affordable alternative to smoking; luckily, the science and price mark of our product are both here to prove it. Whether you’re simply looking for an alternative to smoking, are aiming to quit by lessening your intake, or are curious about the way vaping works, our products provide a clear answer for each concern.

Our e-liquid cartridges are filled with a concentrated oil that combusts when and how you choose– meaning you don’t have to light a new cigarette each and every time you want to smoke. Our devices use a heated coil to turn the oil into an aerosol mist that more effectively delivers nicotine to the bloodstream in the same way cigarette smoke is inhaled. Even better, our customers are able to choose exactly how much nicotine they receive with our available options: ranging from 6mg to 24mg per cartridge, it’s more possible to intake exactly how much you want, meaning nicotine delivery is more convenient, as well as more controllable.

This helps smokers receive the right amount of nicotine at a better, longer-lasting rate, and can help those hoping to quit smoking by offering the ability to scale down their intake with every puff. Each cartridge is comparable to about one and a half packs of cigarettes, meaning that you’ll save time and money without the need to go buy a fresh pack. Coupled with the ability to choose the strength of your cartridge, you’ll be on your way to saving money and smoking smoother in no time. Options like our starter kits are the perfect way to figure out exactly how to dial in your vaping experience, and our accessories are here to enhance every aspect of your journey to smoking alternatives.


The bottom line is that, ultimately, there are two ways to receive nicotine in this day and age: smoking cigarettes or vaping. South Beach Smoke provides a smoother, more relaxing drag that customers are able to gauge exactly how they want. Aside from being a better and more scalable option, it’s also much easier to save money and receive exactly the buzz you’re looking for. Our devices are easy to use, cost less than regularly buying packs of cigarettes, and provide a drag that is much less harsh on your throat and lungs– while still delivering the nicotine level you desire. If you have any further questions or concerns about how our e-cigarettes work, reach out to our customer support team– we’d love to help!