The popularity and usage of electronic cigarettes continues to grow, and we are seeing more and more people using them in the public sphere. It has become apparent that having some basic rules of etiquette are necessary, however. Not saying vapers need to get all proper and uptight, however e-cigs should be used amongst the masses with courtesy and a little consideration. Think of yourself as representing the vaping culture; you wouldn’t want to make all vapers seem obnoxious, would you? Obviously not. As more and more people become aware of electronic smoking, be a positive example of how vaping in public should be done. 

So when you’re vaping among the public, here are some things to keep in mind.

  • When presented with nonsmokers who are curious or unaware of electronic smoking, consider the information you offer as education. The first step towards creating a positive image is education. You need to be educated in order to pass along info, and if you need more in terms of e-cigarette usage, spend some time browsing the articles in our Knowledge Center. This way, you’ll be prepared to answer questions or speak knowledgeably on the subject.
  • Be respectful. No brainer, right? People may assume you are (rudely) smoking cigarettes in public; they may assume you are puffing smoke into their airspace; they may know you are using an “alternative” but still assume it is problematic; people may not have a clue as to what you are doing but get offended… the possible scenarios are endless, and the best way to deal with those who have a problem with you vaping, especially in a place where there are no restrictions on vaping, is with courtesy. Stay calm and explain that you are using a smokeless, tobacco-less, odorless device that is entirely different from smoking traditional cigarettes.
  • Use caution; don’t just assume you are able to vape any- and everywhere. Yes, there is a LOT more freedom when vaping, that goes without saying, but you should always be aware of your surroundings and pay attention in situations where even vapor cigarettes may not be welcome. If in doubt, be kind and just ask!