Menthol E Liquid Beginners Guide

With its ultra-crisp and refreshing flavor, menthol has easily earned itself a top spot as one of the most beloved e-liquid flavors on the market today. There’s nothing quite like the ice-cold zing of an excellent menthol vape juice, making it a must-have in many vapers’ e-juice collections.


If you’re considering adding menthol to your vape juice repertoire, this guide provides a handy breakdown to all the basics of this fresh flavor.


Five Things to Know about Menthol-Flavored Vape Juice


Menthol and mint aren’t exactly the same thing

Even though “mint” and “menthol” are often used interchangeably in the vape community, they’re actually two different concepts. While “mint” refers to a specific taste (e.g., spearmint, peppermint, etc.), “menthol” is more of a sensation. The cool, refreshing feeling of menthol is its signature quality and can be added to certain e-liquids to enhance the experience without completely altering the actual flavor. 


Most vapers either love or hate menthol

Menthol is one of the great dividers when it comes to flavor, much like often-debated foods such as mushrooms, cilantro, and tomatoes. There are many vapers who sing the praises of the distinct sensation of menthol, while others can’t stand it. Ultimately, it comes down to your personal tastes – you’ll simply have to try it for yourself. 


Menthol can be the perfect addition to a DIY flavor blend

Menthol plays incredibly well with a variety of flavors, complementing everything from tropical fruit and citrus to decadent dessert-inspired notes like dark chocolate. Whether you choose a pre-mixed menthol blend or create one of your own, experimenting with mentholated combinations can be deliciously enjoyable.


There’s a nearly endless variety of menthol e-liquids to choose from

“Menthol” is less a single kind of vape juice and more of a large, diverse, and always-growing category. Because it’s so popular, most e-liquid manufacturers have crafted dozens of variations using the icy  element. Fruity, sweet, and savory - there’s a menthol e-juice for everyone.


When it comes to menthol, quality matters

When you’re shopping for menthol vape juice online, look for brands that are committed to using quality ingredients and formulations. Just like any e-liquid, the quality of your experience with menthol e-juice depends largely on the quality of the vape juice you choose.


Our Picks for the Best Menthol E-Juice

Convinced that you need a shot of menthol to spice up your vape life? Here are our picks for the top menthol e-juices on the market:

  • Menthol Freeze: With a perfect five-star customer rating and no shortage of rave reviews, Menthol Freeze packs serious arctic-level iciness into every flavorful vapor cloud.
  • Mango Menthol Razz: Fruit and menthol are a match made in vape heaven, and this flavor blend combines menthol, mango, and blue raspberry for a vape experience unlike any other.
  • Tobacco Menthol: Pairing up two of the most popular vape juice flavors out there, Tobacco Menthol is a favorite among former smokers looking for that throwback taste.
  • Fire & Ice Gum: fresh and pleasantly fiery, this mix-up of menthol and cinnamon is a deliciously energizing flavor combination. 


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