With all of the different vaping devices and styles out there, it’s hard to find answers to basic questions for your vaporizer. The temperature at which you vaporize your e-juice will impact flavor, battery life, device performance, and can affect the life of your vaporizer. E-cig style vaporizers usually use a fixed temperature. Pod vaporizers and box mods will either be temperature controlled or will be managed by power levels such as the wattage being used to heat the e-juice.

Characteristics of flavor profiles can change significantly with changes in vaping wattage or temperature. So what are the best vape settings for flavor? Typically, with most e-juices, the recommended temperature or wattage can be found with the juice’s instructions for use. In essence, the higher the wattage or temperature, the quicker the e-juice will turn to vapor. Therefore, too high of a temperature will result in burning e-juice before it turns to vapor and your vapor will have a burnt taste to it. If the temperature is too low, you won’t get a significant amount of vapor for a clean draw.

Some more advanced box mods do allow for temperature-controlled vaping instead of using wattage. These settings do also require some hardware upgrades for your vaporizer to use the temperature-controlled setting correctly. Most box mods will require a coil or tank system that uses an atomizer that has nickel, stainless steel, or titanium heating elements. 

These elements are designed to withstand high-temperature settings with long term use. You’ll need to configure the specific settings on your vaporizer to work with your new coils. You will also want to look at the resistance range for your new coil to avoid overpowering it. It’s also vital that with high temperature vaping you clean your vaporizer frequently. Higher temperatures can lead to residue build-up and create clogs or other issues for your vaporizer.  


How Hot Should You Let Your Vape Device Get? - Temp Control Vape Settings Tips

The standard range for most vaporizers is between 200-600 degrees with the average median setting typically being around 450 degrees. The change in temperature will impact the flavor of your vape juice, the thickness of your vapor, the depth of your draw, and how many draws you can pull back to back. 

If your temperature is set too high, your vapor will have a burnt almost smokey flavor to it. Higher temperatures will also burn through your e-juice much faster. Burnt e-juice will create build up on the coils that will wear out the coils faster than normal. 

Best Temp Settings for Vape Guide

  • It’s best to begin by setting your vaporizer to its lowest settings and slowly increase the wattage or temperature until you find the right temperature.
  •  Low to medium temperatures will usually produce the most vapor and the fullest flavor profiles.
  • If you find that your preference is towards a higher temperature vaping experience, you’ll want to remember to change your coils and clean your vaporizer frequently.  


Is It Bad For Your Vape To Get Hot?

With the right modifications and maintenance, your vaporizer can withstand plenty of high heat sessions with no problem. It is critical that if you find yourself to be a vape user who appreciates a higher temperature, you will need to make sure that your vaporizer is up to the task. If your vaporizer battery or if the base becomes uncomfortably hot with use, stop using your vaporizer right away. 

Is Your Vape Getting Too Hot? Tips to Fix This Issue: 

  • Some box mods and vaporizers will require an upgraded tank, atomizer, and batteries in order to accommodate the consistently higher temperatures. 
  • After these modifications, it’s crucial to make sure that your vaporizer is functioning correctly.
  • If your vaporizer is heating up outside of the coils, it could be a sign that a new part is not installed correctly or that the wrong part was installed. 

Make sure you consult your user manuals regarding which modifications are appropriate to use with your vaporizer.


What Wattage Should I Vape At?

If there is no exact temperature for every single vaporizer to use, the process for determining the ideal wattage for your device will be similar to that for determining temperature. Wattage is not different from temperature except for the unit in which the temperature/wattage is measured. 

Tips about Vape Wattage: 

  • You’ll want to set your vaporizer to the lowest settings and slowly work your way up the settings until you find your vaporizer’s sweet spot. 
  • You’ll want to use the same guide for determining if your wattage setting is too high. 
  • These two tips will help you know if you need to upgrade your vaporizer components to accommodate your desired settings. 


Is Vape Smoke Supposed To Be Hot?

No! Vape smoke should be a little warm but not noticeably hot. If your vape smoke is too hot, it could burn your throat or lungs. Whether your device uses temperature or wattage to control the vapor output, you’ll want to monitor the performance of the vaporizer after any modification. 

Is Your Vape Smoke Too Hot? 

  • If you experience burning at the back of your throat, excessive coughing, burnt flavor, an overheated vaporizer, or if your vaporizer does not work at all, stop use immediately and change your wattage or temperature. 
  • Overheated vapor or an overheating vaporizer can mean that a part was not correctly installed or that an incorrect part was used.
  • If your vaporizer begins to overheat or if you find your vaporizer becoming hotter than usual stop using it immediately.  


Where Should I Look For My Vaporizer Modifications? 

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