E Cig Cartridge Types

Modern e-cigarettes are as varied and diverse as we are. With something for every personality, it’s no surprise the devices we see in today’s marketplace face a few compatibility issues. Whether you’re new to vaping or just looking to pick up a new vaporizer, it can be helpful to understand a bit more about e-cig cartridge compatibility.

How Most Electronic Cigarette Cartridges Work

Most e-cigs on the market today are closed-systems. In a closed system, the cartridges are sealed to prevent tampering or contamination. This also helps to provide a consistent and reliable experience for the user while being incredibly user-friendly. While open systems are refillable and far more compatible, they require an extra level of investment and research that many prefer not to explore. If you’re looking for a system that is easy to use and that takes the worry out of vaping, a closed, or cartridge-based system is the better option.

Different Threading

For those already using or considering a cartridge-style vaporizer, you may already be aware of the multitude of different thread styles being to connect the cartridge to the battery. Not all e-cigs will use the same size, diameter, or shape of threads to connect the battery and cartridge. Though a great many companies do share thread styles, it’s hard to not view these systems as a cash-grabs designed to force you to purchase a particular brand of product. While this can be true, most companies are looking to improve an existing design or to create a unique experience for their customers. This has led to an intense spirit of competition within the industry that has helped to spur further innovation. But, it’s also created a wide variety of designs that can be confusing to the inexperienced user. Be sure to investigate the product specifications listed by each manufacturer before purchase to prevent embarrassing, or costly, mistakes.

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