Troubleshooting Common E-Cigarette Problems

Nothing is more frustrating than wanting to enjoy a relaxing vaping experience but encountering performance issues with your vape. From weak vapor production to battery life trouble and more, there are a variety of problems that can arise. But don’t worry, the experts at South Beach Smoke are here to help you identify and troubleshoot these issues and get your session back on track. 

Preliminary Checklist

Before getting into specific issues, it’s a good rule of thumb to follow this Basic Vape Troubleshooting checklist. If your vape isn’t functioning or producing vapor how it normally does, check the following:

  1. Is your battery dead? 

First things first, make sure your e-cig battery is fully charged up. Plug your vape battery in for 2 hours or so to make sure it’s charged. Make sure you are using the correct charger and use a wall wart to charge your battery to supply the most power. The blue indicator light should signal if your battery is charging, if not there could be a bigger problem. 

  1. Are there connection issues between the battery and cartridge? 

Through use and general wear and tear, gunk can get between the contacts. To fix this, try using a q tip or cotton ball to clean the contacts. Rubbing alcohol can be used for more intense cleaning. Battery port gunk can also be cleaned away in this manner.

  1. Is your cartridge empty? 

Make sure you aren’t using an empty cartridge. Swap out the cartridge you’ve been using with a fresh one to ensure you haven’t run out of e-liquid. 

Vape Juice Leakage Issues 

A messy issue that can occur with e-cigs is vape juice leakage. If your vape cartridge is leaking e-liquid, make sure the cartridge is screwed onto the battery properly. Make sure the cartridge isn’t damaged or compromised. If it is, you should immediately swap it out for a fresh cart. 

If e-liquid is getting in your mouth, there are several steps to take. First, make sure you aren’t drawing too strongly on the device. Second, don’t vape lying down. Third, always make sure your vape device is oriented upright to avoid dripping.

Vape Juice Taste Issues 

If you’re noticing unusual flavor issues with your vape, we’re here to help. Here are a few commonplace problems and how to fix them:

If you vapor flavor production is weak and produced clouds are small or nonexistent, try the following: Gently blow through your device to get juice flowing. If this doesn’t work, screw on a fresh cartridge. If you still can’t taste the vape juice but clouds are being produced, you may have “vape tongue” which is taste bud fatigue and desensitization caused by extensive use of the same flavor. Try switching to a different vape juice to combat this problem. 

If you’re getting a burnt taste when vaping, it is likely caused by vaping too quickly. Slow disown your pace and take 30 second gaps between puffs to avoid this phenomenon. Burnt out coils can also cause this issue, so it might be time to switch to a new cartridge with fresh coils. 

 Vape Battery Issues 

The battery is the heart of your e-cig so it is important to care for it properly. A few things that can cause vape battery damage are: 

  1. Temperature: If vape batteries get too hot or cold, they can become damaged. Store them in a cool, dry place out of the sun. 
  2. Metallic Objects: Contact with metal objects can cause short circuits. To avoid this, keep batteries away from items such as keys and coins. 
  3. Using the Wrong Charger: Using the improper charger can damage your battery. Take the extra care you always uses the correct charging device 
  4. Shipping damage: When receiving vape products in the mail, there is a risk of damage occurring during transit. Always analyze the packaging to make sure your devices arrive in tip top shape. 
  5. Water damage: Although some vapes are waterproof, many are not. Keep your device away from moisture! 

      In general you can avoid battery issues by practicing better battery usage. Don’t leave batteries charging overnight, don’t fully drain them and don’t charge and use your vape at the same time. In addition using a protective case for your vape can keep your setup safe in mint condition. 

We’re Here to Help

South Beach Smoke products are made to last and perform, but if you need to replace your device or any e-cig accessories, we have you covered. Restock on delicious cartridges here. Restock on crucial accessories and batteries here. Get everything you need in our Starter Kit bundles here. Vaping is a breeze with South Beach Smoke!