Is your vape functioning less than perfectly? Clogs and common errors can make vaping more of a chore than a pleasure, check out these easy to follow steps to make sure your vape pen is at peak performance.

Having E-cig Problems?

Need some help troubleshooting your vaping device? If so, continue reading to see the solutions to many of the most common problems vapers face.

Why is My Vape Pen Clogged?

Ugh. Clogged vape pen. The last thing you want to deal with when you have so many other things to deal with. Inconvenience, annoyance, and time-consuming, having an issue like this can be such a hassle. However, when it comes to vaping, it should be made clear that at some point, regardless of the device you use, there will be some build up that gets in the way of things as a result of e-liquid. However, lucky for you, despite it being an annoying issue, it’s not a major issue. We’re going to go into detail about the how’s and why’s of dealing with a clogged vape pen, and how to solve it. Armed with a little info and the understanding of how to take care of it, your vape pen will be vaporizing well in no time!

So, Why is Your Vape Pen Clogged?

Chances are, if your pen is clogged, it’s because of liquid buildup, and it has to be removed regularly or the device will not work properly. Your vaporizer can get clogged due to all sorts of different reasons, from spitting liquid, over-filling, having the device sit too long unused, having the device stored in conditions that cause liquid to change in consistency, to just plain old regular use. Regular usage without continuous maintenance will result in clogs happening, and at the very least, hampered performance. So keep it clean and the clogs will be kept to a minimum. However, don’t be surprised or alarmed if and when they do happen; even with regular, meticulous cleaning, clogs can come about.

Cleaning Your Vape

Cleaning your vape pen, tank, and all other parts is a necessary part of vaping. If you don’t put in this minimal extra love and attention, you can expect your device, battery, atomizer, and coils to burn out way quicker as a result. Preservation is a great thing; don’t you want your vape pen to last as long as possible, while performing at top levels? Then keep it clean!

How to Clean Your Vape Pen

There are many ways to clean a vaporizer, and the end goal is to remove the funky buildup to reinstate proper running order. The basic method is to separate all the parts, and give each one a thorough cleansing. At the connection points is where buildup can accumulate and special attention needs to be paid to these areas. By separating all components, you can typically access them best. If it’s the mouthpiece of your vaporizer that is clogged, you can remove it and run water through it to dislodge anything that may be stuck, and to clear it out entirely.

Handy Tools to Have on Hand

Some of the tools you’ll need handy are a small, soft brush like an old toothbrush, along with some cotton swabs and paper towels. As for a solvent, rubbing alcohol is generally the preferred substance for getting a vaporizer squeaky clean. You could also just use water, if you’d like. Some vapers find that it cleans just fine. It works very well to remove chunks of dried up residue, and works very well on the materials of most vaporizers for a scratch-free, non-abrasive cleaning. To use it, simply saturate a cotton swab with it, and get cleaning along all areas of connection and the mouthpiece, where clogs tend to originate. In doing this, however, be careful not to allow any of the rubbing alcohol to get into the heating section of your device. A small amount will probably cause no issues, but a larger level of alcohol can cause your battery to malfunction. So clean it up; use a little elbow grease where needed to polish it thoroughly. When you’re done, and fully satisfied with the status of your vape pen, allow all sections to dry properly, advisably overnight. Then, charge it, fill it, and vape away. And that just about sums it up!

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Clogged vape pens are the result of many different causes, and the big fix is typically to give them a thorough cleansing to free up any blocks. Doing so is simple, and will ensure your vaporizer is running well once again. We suggest continuous, regular cleanings to keep things running smoothly and to prevent any excess buildup from occurring. So, keep it clean, clean it up, and vape on! Click here to shop vaping supplies now.