As e cigs and vaping have skyrocketed in popularity, so has the culture and content surrounding these revolutionary products. Like with all passionate subcultures, dedicated vaping influencers have amassed loyal followers eager to hear the latest vape news or check out reviews of the hottest, cutting-edge products. But who are the best vaping influencers out today in 2022? Let's jump into our list of the top 5.

5 Best Vape Influencers Today

Austin Lawrence

Social Stats: 

IG: vaustinl – 3.4M followers

YT: vAustinL – 3.24M subscribers

 FB: VAustinL – 847.2K followers

Austin has produced a variety of impressive, eye-catching videos with view counts in the millions. His epic videos feature flashy vape tricks that are enhanced with a variety of stunning visual effects and edited to have neon-colored smoke. The cloud-chasing tricks are then executed in coordination with awesome EDM bangers. Check his pages for great visuals and music that all vape fans can enjoy.

RiP Trippers

Social Stats: 

IG: riptrippers – 506K followers

YT: RiP Trippers – 1.36M subscribers

RiP Trippers has made a name for himself through consistently reviewing vape mods with stunning regularity. He posts at least one or two 5-10 minute long video reviews a week, which has amounted to a ton of review content. His reviews are extremely popular and tend to get between 20K-200K views per video. If you’re looking for accurate information on the quality of brand new vapes, scope out RiP’s socials. 

Mike Vapes

 Social Stats:

 IG: mikevapes1 – 115K followers

 YT: Mike Vapes – 328K subscribers

 FB: Mike Vapes – 33.5K followers

TW: mike_vapes – 10.4K followers

Mike Vapes is another vape reviewer that has built up a following through posting as many as 4 vape reviews a week. His unbelievable consistency in posting is key to his popularity. When watching a Mike Vapes review, you can be sure you’re getting an honest, unbiased assessment of all the latest vapes, e cigs, and accessories.

Jai Haze

Social Stats:

IG: jaihaze – 42.1K followers

YT: Jai Haze – 189K subscribers

FB: Jai Haze – 14.6K followers

TW: JaiHaze – 11.3K followers

With so much going on and changing in the constantly evolving vaping world, it can be tricky to keep up with all the latest news and developments. Luckily, Jai Haze is here to bring you all the cutting edge vape news you need to hear about. He has become extremely popular. For example, his illuminating video on vape bands and dispelling myths about them garnered 11K views. Follow Jai Haze to keep your finger on the pulse of breaking vape and e cig news.

Nick Green 

Social Stats: 

IG: GrimmGreen - 166K Followers 

YT: GrimmGreen - 391K Subscribers

FB: GrimmGreen - 37K Followers 

TW: GrimmGreen - 48.7K Followers

Nick Green is a vaping advocate who passionately believes that harm reduction saves lives. He is a strong proponent of switching from smoking to vaping for health, popularizing the hashtag #vapingsaveslives.  An avid tattoo and metal fan, he has a subcultural appeal which extends to his taste in vape mods and accessories. His Youtube features in-depth reviews of products that are also honest, he's not afraid to call out products he finds disappointing. Check out his amazing content today!