Whether you’re a veteran e-cig aficionado or newly switching to e-cigs from traditional cigarettes, it’s important to keep up with the latest news and developments in the vaping world. Whether you’re seeking out the latest changes in legislation, cutting edge vape device reviews, or are interested in vape culture and style, there are a variety of e-cig and vaping blogs and news sites to check out. Here are South Beach Smoke’s picks for the top 5… 

  1. Vaping Daily 

Vaping Daily is a comprehensive, wide-ranging site that covers all manner of vape topics from new technologies to popular culture to changing regulations. If you’re concerned about shifts in vaping laws, this is a great resource to help you stay on top of all the latest developments. 

  1. Ashtray Blog

Ashtray blog is an industry-focused site offering thorough vape business data, analysis and more. This comprehensive site has consistently updated sections on the science, industry, and lifestyle aspects of the vaping universe. 

  1. eCigarette Reviewed 

The name is slightly misleading, since rather than focusing on reviews, this blog features a variety of recent studies and statistics on vaping, ejuice, CBD oil, and more. However, the information is highly helpful and illuminating for vapers of all skill levels.  

  1. Vaping 360

Vaping 360 is the best site on this list if you’re seeking out vape device and accessory reviews. Learn about how all the new gadgets stand up to the test (or not) on Vaping 360. This is a crucial resource for vape gear heads looking to follow all the cutting edge developments in vaping technology.  

  1. CASAA

The Consumer Advocates for Smoke-free Alternatives Association has established CASAA.org. This is a site aimed at harm reduction and spreading health information about electronic cigarettes. Come here for all your e-cig health facts and learn how vaping can help curb the damage caused by smoking traditional cigarettes.  
So there you have it, South Beach Smoke’s top 5 vape blogs and sites to check out. Stock up on ecig devices and supplies right here at South Beach Smoke