New Year's Resolution: Switch to Vaping

Quit Smoking New Year's Resolution Guide

2023 is rapidly approaching. Amidst all the holiday hustle and bustle, many are taking the time to themselves to think about their resolutions and plans to better themselves in the new year. If you’re a smoker, you may have thought about quitting cigarettes and switching from smoking to vaping to improve your lifestyle. Here’s everything you need to know about making the jump and why it’s a great way to start off the new year. 

Switching from Smoking to Vaping Benefits

If you’re thinking about quitting smoking for the new year, vaping is an extremely helpful way to do it. There are significant benefits of switching to vaping. 

First off, vaping is cheaper. Can switching to vaping from smoking save you money? The answer is a resounding “Yes” It’s true, the start-up costs of purchasing a device, charger, and cartridges may be more expensive than a couple packs of cigarettes. However, after you have the initial kit and accessories, cartridges are way cheaper to restock on than packs of cigarettes. Your wallet will thank you! 

Secondly, vapor is much more pleasant than cigarette smoke. It doesn’t linger in the air as long, dispersing more quickly. No dense smoke or ash is produced by a vape device. This also means that curtains and furnishings do not absorb the pungent odor of cigarette smoke, making keeping your house clean and fresh a breeze! 

Thirdly, consider the versatility of vaping. There is an entire universe of vape flavors out there. The selection simply blows cigarettes out of the water. In addition, if you’re interested in customizing your vape device or experience, there’s a wide variety of devices, components, and mods available to try as well as a thriving, supportive community of like-minded vapers to help you choose. 

Lastly, e-cigs are simply more convenient. You can often vape in locations you can’t smoke in. Vaping is also more discreet than smoking, making it less of an interruption to your daily schedule. All in all, if you’ve wondering what to expect when switching to vaping, the answer is clear: a whole lot of life improvements!

How to Switch to Vaping - Our Top Tips

Switching from smoking to vaping may seem daunting to someone who hasn’t taken the first step, but don’t worry, it is actually easier than you would think. Here are some tips for switching from smoking to vaping…

First off, make sure you choose the right device for you. If you're a lighter smoker, you could try a cig-a-like, vape pen or pod system. If you're a heavier smoker, you’ll want to go for a vape pen, pod system or mod. 

Make sure to ditch the disposable devices. Go for higher quality rechargeable/refillable models. These devices are of superior make and offer an improved experience, giving you a better chance at sticking with your switch. South Beach Smoke offers a variety of all-in-one starter kits to get you going.  

Secondly, take the time to choose the right e-liquid for you. There are many different nicotine strengths available, make sure to choose the right potency for your tastes. Over time, you can gradually reduce the nicotine content of your e-liquid. Also, consider VG/PG ratio, if you’re switching from smoking, a higher-PG e-liquid is more akin to smoking a cigarette. In addition, don’t forget that flavor selection is a huge factor in the enjoyability of your vape sessions, so try out several flavors to see which you like best. Finding your perfect e-liquid might take a bit of trial and error, but it can also be a fun part of the journey. 

Thirdly, make sure to have a consistent supply of cartridges or accessories. Not running out of e-liquid is crucial to sticking to your resolution not to smoke. Luckily, South Beach Smoke offers all the carts and accessories you need at exceedingly low prices. 


So there you have it, our guide to quitting smoking for the new year. Once you make the jump to vaping, you won’t want to look back. We hope this guide broke down the process clearly, but if you have any additional questions, feel free to contact our customer support team. We look forward to hearing from you!