Beat the Cold: Switch to Vaping So You Don't Have to Stand Outside Smoking This Winter

Winter is here and brrrrr it certainly is cold! All cigarette smokers know that puffing in the colder months is a drag. Nobody likes to have to step outside and freeze their tail off multiple times a day to smoke. But fear not, there’s a way to help mitigate this problem and keep yourself warm and cozy when it's too cold to smoke cigarettes outside. Switching to vaping from smoking can reduce your need to step out into the harsh wind and snow, here’s how…

Benefits of Vaping during the Winter 

There are a variety of advantages to vaping over smoking during the frosty months. First of all, the most obvious advantage of vaping over smoking outside in the cold is that vaping is allowed inside many more spaces than traditional cigarettes. The laws and regulations may vary by state or establishment, so it’s important to check the rules first. However, even when vaping isn’t allowed in certain spaces, it is easier to be more discreet and vape stealthily without detection. 

Second, vaping indoors is far better for furnishings than smoking. Cigarettes smoked inside produce pesky smoke and ash which can stain curtains, carpets, and couches as well as leave a nasty odor. Vapor, on the other hand, doesn’t stain furniture as easily. In addition, vape odor dissipates more quickly, making vaping indoors more viable. 

Thirdly, smoking e-cigs indoors is better health-wise for your friends and family. This is because secondhand vapor is significantly less harmful than secondhand smoke so vaping inside is less of a risk to others. 

Fourthly, even if you have to step outside to vape, there are clear advantages over traditional cigarettes. Smoking outside is a pain when the wind makes lighting the cig a challenge. You can avoid the annoyance of shivering while trying to light a cig by vaping instead. 

So how do you make the jump from cigarettes to e-cigs? 

Well, South Beach Smoke offers everything you need to beat the cold by vaping. Our ultra-convenient on the go kits to ensure you’ll always have an e-cig handy. You can also stock up on replacement cartridges in a variety of amazing flavors from classic and bold tobacco to menthol and more. South Beach Smoke has all your e-cig needs covered!