Your Guide to Vaping in Cold Weather

The winter months are here and we’re all hunkering down and trying to keep cozy and warm in the cold weather. However, if you’re vaping outside, it’s key to take some extra steps towards preparing yourself and your gear for the frigid temperatures. But don’t worry, the experts here at South Beach Smoke are here to explain everything you need to know about vaping this winter season. So let’s get into it…  

Tips for E Cig Smoking in Winter  

  1. Keep Your Vape Batteries Warm 

No one wants to deal with dead vape batteries when stepping outside into the elements for a session. Ecig batteries are very sensitive to the cold. This is because vape batteries use quick-moving electrons to supply power to the device. However, when exposed to cold temperatures, these electrons slow down. To keep your device working properly when vaping in cold weather, try to keep your battery warm by vaping inside as often as possible and keeping it stored in a warm pocket or carrying case.

  1. Keep Your Cartridges Warm

This same principle applies to your vape cartridges when smoking outside in winter. While liquid inside cartridges generally won't freeze, vaping in drastically cold weather can make the liquid more viscous. This makes vaping more difficult. Therefore, make sure to store your cartridges away from the cold to combat this. 

  1. Avoid Chapped Lips

Nobody likes vaping with dry, chapped lips, it’s just uncomfortable! To prevent this issue, use lip balm frequently to keep your lips moisturized. Drinking a lot of water can help with this too. 

  1. Wear Gloves

This may seem like an obvious one but cold, stiff fingers make vaping tricky business. Get some nice gloves with enough finger flexibility to make vaping outside during the winter comfortable.

  1. Try A New Flavor 

One way to make the passing of the seasons more fun is to change up your e liquid flavor. One idea is to warm up with some rich and smoky Tobacco Blue. Another option is to go with the flow of the season and stock up on some chilly menthol. Get creative with it! 

  1. Watch Out for Germs 

While it is generally fun to “puff, puff, pass” and share your vape with friends, this is not the best idea during the winter which is peak cold season. Stay healthy by having your friends use their own vapes when smoking in winter. Buying a bundle pack is a great way to save on this.

So there you have it, South Beach Smoke’s guide to vaping in cold weather. We hope these tips were helpful but if you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact our customer support team. We look forward to hearing from you!