E-cigs have grown vastly in popularity, leading to the rise of many brands, manufacturers, and a vibrant industry. However, unscrupulous parties are attempting to cash in by producing fake, counterfeit e cigs that don’t follow FDA rules and standards.

So what are the dangers of these fake e-cigs and carts and how should you, as a consumer, spot them? Don’t worry, the experts here at South Beach Smoke can explain everything you need to know…

The Issues with Buying Fake Vape Products

Quite simply, counterfeit e-cigs can have serious health consequences. These products often contain low-quality metals or lead soldering applied directly around their coils and heating elements. When these elements heat up, they produce toxic fumes that are inhaled by the user, yikes! Consistent inhalation of these fumes can result in respiratory issues, lead poisoning, and other diseases. 

Some toxicants that have been found in counterfeit e-cigs and fake vape cartridges are pesticides, metals, solvent-based hydrocarbons, biodegradable polyester, vitamin E acetate, and more. Inhaling these substances can result in symptoms such as vomiting, fatigue, chest pain, nausea, shortness of breath, fever, and diarrhea. 

Quite simply, counterfeit e-cigs are not worth the risk!!!

How to Spot Fake E-Cig Products 

The dangers of counterfeit electronic cigarettes are scary. But luckily there are ways to spot them and steer clear of them. Let’s explore the ways to identify fake e-cigs and accessories… 

  1. Cheap Pricing

The first and most obvious clue to look out for is pricing. Unless there’s a specific sale going on, if an item is priced usually low, it is a red flag. Use your common sense. For example, if somebody is selling a full e-cig kit for only $5, it is likely a fake. 

  1. Sketchy Packaging 

Most authentic e-cig brands use sealed, legitimate, and secure packaging to ensure the quality of their devices. If the box is falling apart, is printed shoddily, or the pieces jangle around inside, the product is fishy and should be avoided!

  1. Brand and Serial Number Check

Legitimate brands have a system of serial numbers to identify and label their products. Look at the packaging of the product and check for a serial. If there is none, it is likely a fake. 

  1. Product Quality

A quality e-cigarette kit should come with all the necessary parts, documentation, and packaging. If the device feels or looks poorly built, it is probably a fake. Some red flags to look for are parts that come loose, leaking vape juice, and quickly declining battery life. 

All in all, like we said before, fake e-cigs are just not worth the risk, so do your research and be vigilant about spotting counterfeit products. However, the best way to put your mind at ease is to purchase your e-cig supplies from a quality, premium manufacturer. South Beach Smoke has top-tier devices and carts so you can always be sure you’re getting the real thing.