Does Vape Juice Expire

There is a vape juice flavor, style, and brand out there for everyone, and they are all as unique and different as can be. It’s not easy to say when or if every vape juice will expire or when. Most vape juice bottles will have an expiration date printed on them in the same way food products do, a date stamp marked with ‘best if used by.

The Food and Drug Administration does require most perishable products to have an expiration date printed; however, these dates are entirely at the discretion of the company. According to the Food And Safety Inspection Service, these dates are a reflection of the quality of the product, not its safety. Therefore, the expiration date of vape juice and how far off it is can be considered a reflection of the quality of ingredients, though it is not a deciding factor.

If you are concerned that your vape juice may not be safe to vape anymore, or if you’re wondering if you’re old vape juice is safe to vape, our guide will help you solve your vape juice quandary. When you want to get some new vape juice flavors, check out the deals available at South Beach Smoke. They have a vast assortment of vape juice flavors, CBD juice, and nicotine vape juice to choose from and they all ship directly to your front door if you’re looking for more information on vape juice you can check out our blog entry.    


Is It Bad to Vape Expired Juice?

As stated above by The Food And Safety Inspection Service, an expiration date is a reflection of quality, not safety. Therefore, the passed expiration date does not mean that your old vape juice is not safe to vape. Still, there are a few other factors to consider when determining if your vape juice is still fresh enough to use.

  • Has the vape juice ‘diminished’ at all? This means the liquid portion of the juice has evaporated and has left behind some of the solid ingredients. This juice may have some particles on the side of the bottle. 
  • Is the juice the same consistency as when you bought it? If the liquid has become thicker or turned to a gel-like consistency, it is no longer safe to use. Ensure that the cap to the bottle is tight and stored in a dark, cool place. Vape juice should also come in a light-proof bottle.
  • How does the juice smell? Like any other perishable product, if there is a moldy or sour smell to your vape juice, do not use it and stop consuming it immediately. 
  • If your juice still has its original scent, consistency, and initial taste it is most likely safe to consume past its expiration date.  


Does Vape Juice Go Bad in The Tank?

Yes, it absolutely can. Most tanks are not designed to hold vape juice long term without use. If you leave vape juice in your tank without using your mod or vaporizer periodically, you are putting your vaporizer at risk. Old vape juice can leak from an improperly stored vaporizer and can cause additional damage to your vaporizer. If left unused, vape juice in a tank can lose its consistency over time. If that vape juice is vaporized, it can solidify into your coils and ruin your whole tank or atomizers.

If you are not going to use your vaporizer for a few days, or if you plan to travel with your vape in your luggage, you’ll want to drain your vaporizer of all juice and store the mod in a carrying case. If you use your vaporizer less frequently and want an easier way to store your vape juice, you should consider purchasing a pod vaporizer. Pod systems allow you to switch between interchangeable pods that hold the vape juice for your vaporizer. The pods are self-contained and designed to hold vape juice for a few months.  


How long does vape juice last?

Most vape juices have expiration dates that indicate how long they stay fresh. How long your vape juice will last depends on a variety of factors. If you’re looking to protect your vape juices for the long haul, consider these suggestions:

  • Store your vape juice in a cool, dark place. You want to avoid any environment where the liquid of the juice could evaporate. You’ll also want to move the bottle around every few days to avoid buildup inside the bottle.  
  • Make sure your vape juice is in a light-resistant bottle. Light can damage vape juice, and sunlight can even slow cook it. A black bottle with a sealed top will prevent natural or artificial light from damaging your juices. 
  • DO NOT keep your juice in the fridge. The drastic temperature change can alter the flavor of your juice, and some juices will even get thicker when stored in a cold place. Condensation can also ruin your vape juice.  
  • Most vape juices can be kept past their expiration dates if stored correctly. Along with the information above, make sure to occasionally smell the vape juice and check to make sure the juice is the same consistency as it was before the expiration. 
  • If you are ever in doubt, you can always contact the vape juice manufacturer. Most customer service teams will respond within 48 hours and can let you know what they have heard from other customers who have had this concern before.   


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