Overheating Vape Guide

As e-cigs have evolved, they’ve become much more powerful while shrinking in size. New atomizers and tanks require a higher current draw to produce those massive clouds and manufacturers have answered this demand with intensely powerful devices as compared to just a few years ago. This increased power, combined with a more efficient and smaller package, can lead to a bit of excess heat within your device. If your vape is getting hot, there is probably an issue.

So Why Do Vaporizers Heat Up So Much?

Owners of e-cigarettes often forget that they are using an electronic device as they go about their daily lives. Because most people bring their vape with them when they leave the house, vaping devices can be left in some inconvenient places that may expose them to the elements while we’re taking care of business or running errands.

It’s important to keep the following safety tips in mind to keep your vaporizer in tip-top condition:

1. Inspect Your Electronic Cigarette

While some amount of heat is normal, a device configured in an unsafe and incorrect manner may lead to permanent damage and even risk of injury. If your vape mod is hot to the touch or smells of warm plastic, remove the batteries and inspect thoroughly. Short-circuits and dead-shorts are one of the most common causes of excess heat. Short-circuits and dead-shorts can come from an improper build or a malfunction in the device. Paying close attention to your device on a regular basis can help prevent most incidents from occurring.

2. Keep Your Device Cool But Not too Cool!

Electronic cigs, like most modern electronics, operate best when used within certain temperature ranges. But they can also be damaged permanently by extreme temperatures, both high and low. Simply leaving your device in a hot car for too long can cause irreparable damage as the internal components begin to degrade with heat. On the other extreme, a device that freezes or remains below freezing for extended periods of time can be equally detrimental. Cold can cause metals and other materials to constrict, or shrink, as they cool. Electrical components may be stretched or damaged during this process, often leaving you with a dead device and few answers. Rapid temperature swings (from extreme hot to extreme cold or from cold to hot) can lead to rapid expansion and contraction of the internal components as well.

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