How Long Do Vape Batteries Last?

Thanks to their batteries, e-cigarettes are made to be both convenient and portable. However, like any other battery-operated device, the charge does not last forever. If you forget to charge your vaporizer battery before a long drive or a night out, you might find yourself out of luck. Therefore, knowing the average lifespan of a battery's charge and what ways you can prolong it really helps.

Average Charge Life of a Vaping Device Battery

There is no simple response to how long the battery lasts in an e-cigarette. The answer depends on several factors, including the battery's size and how often you use it. Batteries are typically available in 650, 900 or 1100 mAh and last an average of 400, 800 or 1,000 puffs, respectively. If you only use your electronic cigarette a few times per day, it will last longer than if you are someone who vapes all day long.

Things That Affect Battery Life

In addition to the battery's amperage, the tank you use may also affect how long your battery lasts. The larger the tank on your vape is, the more charge it needs to take from the battery with each puff. Temperatures may also affect the life of the battery. If you use your vaping device at high temperatures or store it in hot cabinets or closets, the battery will not hold a charge as well. Even if you store it at a moderate temperature, a battery that is out of use for a long time will not work as well as it once did. ― Especially if you had it at a full charge when you put it away. This is because the battery's energy cells become more stressed, diminishing the functionality of both the battery and the device itself.

Prolonging the Life of Your Battery

There are several things you can do to help your vape pen or mod battery last longer. If your electronic vaporizer has a charge indicator, avoid charging it until it is under 50 percent. This keeps it from being fully charged for too long or too often, which can extend the life. It is also important to turn your e-cigarette off when you are not using it. Even though most of them automatically turn themselves off, they take up to 20 minutes to do so, which is plenty of time to run down the battery for no reason. Avoid storing the battery or device in high temperatures or with more than a 40 percent charge.

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