WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Electric cigarettes have gained popularity throughout the world, largely due to the lithium-ion batteries within the device that power the entire experience. These lithium-ion batteries can be charged hundreds of times, offering countless hours of use; similarly, they can be easily replaced when necessary.

But few vapers, however, realize the importance the lithium-ion batteries have in everyday life, and how important their function is to all of us. In fact, lithium batteries have helped provide power to so many devices that we use each day.

What exactly is a lithium-ion battery?

A lithium-ion battery is a non-metallic battery that uses lithium ions to provide a charge. These batteries prove extremely useful in comparison to traditional nickel-cadmium alternatives, as the former are typically twice the energy density of the latter. Lithium-ion batteries are rechargeable, and can provide high current to certain applications if necessary. The use of lithium-ion batteries has expanded since they were first commercialized by Sony in 1991.

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Because of their popularity, lithium-ion batteries are now used in a variety of different appliances that we use on a day-to-day basis. Anything from cell phones, to laptops, to video cameras, to even flashlights often rely on a lithium-ion battery for power. Additionally, rechargeable lithium-ion batteries are generally used in much larger appliances, such as power drills, sanders, saws, and other power tools.

And what may come as a shock to some vapers is that the same type of battery that is within the handheld electric cigarette is present within many hybrid cars and advanced electric wheelchairs. Furthermore, lithium ion batteries are even used in aircraft and spacecraft, such as the Mars Curiosity rover. These batteries have quickly proven themselves to be useful in myriad ways throughout the past few decades.

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How are lithium-ion batteries used in electric cigarettes?

In addition to powering spacecraft and power tools, lithium-ion batteries are also necessary for the basic functioning of the electric cigarettes used by vapers across the world.

More specifically, electric cigarette batteries are available in two different type switches: manual or automatic. The type of switch a vaper chooses will ultimately affect the entire vaping experience, and should be fully understood before making a final decision. The automatic battery provides an authentic experience, whereby the vaper can continue smoking without having to remember to push a button each time. The manual switch however leads to a thicker, more potent vapor, all at the push of a button. It is important to understand the full distinctions between the type of batteries in order for a vaper to make an educated choice.

Furthermore, in regards to electric cigarette batteries, there is the question of how long the lithium-ion battery will last in between each time it is charged. This length of time depends on certain specifics present within the device (such as ohms and volts), it can be easily determined with a simple online calculator. Enter the specific measurements of your device within this calculator to find out how long you can enjoy your electric cigarette before plugging it back in.

Lithium-Ion Batteries – Not Just for Phones and Spaceships

Throughout the past few decades, lithium-ion batteries have truly cemented themselves as some of the most useful sources of power on Earth (and off of it, if you count the trip they took on the Mars rover). But although these batteries allow us to talk on the phone, check our e-mail, and even drive our hybrid cars, they are equally as important in powering the electric cigarettes that we have come to love.