WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Vaping is about adopting a whole new lifestyle. E-cig users, who often call themselves "vapers", use a wide range of supplies and accessories in their exciting world of smoking satisfaction. It's a subculture that to newbies can seem intimidating, especially when a person has to learn how to use an electronic cigarette and become familiar with its equipment and accessories.

One of the most awesome things about vaping is that you can do it in places where tobacco is banned –and look cool doing it!  Since you can smoke your electronic cigarette virtually anywhere, you need to have all your necessary equipment organized and on hand.

Organizing electronic cigarette supplies can be like organizing fishing lures or jewelry –if you don't organize, things can get messy or lost. Life gets busy, and the last thing you want to do is go on a wild goose chase locating an e-cig flavor or a charger when you are ready to smoke!

Also, if you have children or pets, you want to keep them away from the e-cig and its equipment, especially the nicotine.

Let’s explore the best techniques for storing and carrying e-cig supplies.

Stay organized with electronic cigarette storage…

Although many newbies start vaping with a disposable electronic cigarette, most move on to a starter kit because, let’s face it, it makes sense to invest in a kit if you plan to vape regularly, and you want more flavor variety and nicotine level choices than a disposable can give you.

A South Beach Smoke e-cig starter kit comes with everything you need to start using smokeless cigarettes right away. A typical kit contains:

  • 2 E-Cigarette Lithium Ion Batteries
  • 1 Portable Wall Charger
  • 5 Large Nicotine Cartridges/Atomizers (the variety pack equals about 8-11 packs of traditional cigarettes)
  • 1 Owners Manual

But here’s the thing –once you try different flavors, soon you will have favorites and want to keep a stock of flavor cartridges. You could be at a party and decide that the Double Apple Hookah flavor would go perfectly with your favorite hard apple cider. You could be with friends at the beach where the Pina Colada flavor would blend perfectly with the sun, sea breeze, and sand.

Most vapers keep extra batteries, car chargers, etc. on hand as well.

When it comes to electronic cigarette supply storage, we offer these six suggestions that will fit every budget:

  1. Fishing tackle box
  2. Toolbox
  3. Art supply box
  4. Plano storage box
  5. Cosmetics organizer
  6. Two or three drawer plastic organizer found for under $10 at department stores
$60.95 $48.75
$75.94 $60.74
$151.88 $121.48
$105.92 $84.72

Once you find a storage container that will work well with your vaping equipment, how should you categorize? Here are category suggestions that make sense:

$120.91 $96.71
$60.95 $48.75
$75.94 $60.74

Enjoy your electronic cigarette anywhere, anytime with a convenient carrying case...

When you are in between college classes, running errands or on-the-go with friends, you need to have at least your e-cig, a car charger, batteries, and flavor cartridges handy. Your e-cig should fit in the carrying case with everything else, unless you plan to wear it with a lanyard.  The carrying case needs to be compact to comfortably carry and conceal if needed. Here are carrying case suggestions for your e-cigarette supplies:

Traveling with electronic cigarettes is easy. It's all about choosing the best carrying case for your needs. Pack a few batteries, a car charger, a wall charger, or your personal charging case, and extra flavor cartridges so that you're ready. You can enjoy the satisfying experience of vaping anytime, anywhere!

Got any storage or carrying ideas you’d like to share? Feel free to contact us, or connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, or on our blog today.