10 Interesting Vape Facts

South Beach Smoke 10 Interesting Vape Facts Yeah, vaping has gotten huge; #wordoftheyear for 2014, in fact! Vapor plumes can be seen just about everywhere these days, and more and more smokers are getting on board with ditching the tobacco for the juice. Vape culture is becoming way more than just a minor movement among rebellious folk; it’s about people embracing modern options that digitize, and streamline just about everything. Including smoking. So, if you thought vaping was just a trend, think again. Here are 10 cool facts about the #vapelife you may or may not know!

  1. Lots of devices exist. Vaping can mean all sorts of devices are used to achieve a vapor hit. E-cigs, vaporizers, mods, mechanical mods; these are the most popular devices being used and they are definitely not all the same thing.

  2. Vaporizers are AWESOME. Way more advanced than basic cig-a-likes, vapes give you bigger vapor, greater power, better battery capacities, more versatility, more fun.

  3. The vape culture is really not down with big tobacco. Because they suck. And vapor kicks ass.

  4. Flavor is a definite science, an art, a hobby, a pursuit in the vape world. Vapers take this really seriously because when you can have insane flavor, why go for mediocre? Yeah, this is not a subculture for those who opt for mediocrity!

  5. Vaping is seen as an investment. You may chuck out a couple hundred dollars to start out, but that money goes a long way.

  6. Vape slang exists, and if you are a part of this culture, you best learn it. How else will you be able to communicate at your local vape shop?

  7. 31 flavors and then some: nowadays, you are not limited by a small range of flavor choices. On the contrary, we carry over 30,000 different flavor possibilities. Endless options, and they’re delicious.

  8. The UK is regulating e-cigs as medicine. That’s right, on the other side of the pond, vaping is a legit smoking cessation option. They’re really into public health out there.

  9. It’s getting competitive up in here: people compete to see who can achieve the biggest clouds of vapor. Cloud comps are rad.

  10. Research is happening all around us. While lawmakers like to say there hasn’t been enough research, don’t believe ‘em. Across the globe, and throughout the USA as well, and beyond, research is happening all the time, and by legit scientists, universities, and medical journals.