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2019 Vaping Trends That Will Shape the Industry

With the vaping scene growing bigger by the minute, it’s no surprise that the past few years have welcomed major changes and innovations across the industry. The biggest vaping news of 2018 and 2019 has had its ups and downs, but there’s one thing for certain: the latest vape trends of 2019 will shape the industry for years to come. From the release of new vape devices to a shift in the way people shop for vape products, there’s a wave of change on the horizon this year.

Whether you’re a newbie vaper or a longtime vape vet, these top 2019 vaping trends will be transforming the way you vape – mostly for the better:

Vapers are Prioritizing Convenience

Up until recently, most vape brands were in a race to create bigger, better, and more powerful vapes – convenience wasn’t necessarily a major focus. However, the vaping community has experienced a flood of newbie vapers who want user-friendly devices, and even experienced vapers are shifting their focus to vapes that are easier to use on the go.

As a result, brands are creating devices that combine high performance with ease of use, offering vapers the best of both worlds. Ask most vapers today and you’ll likely hear that the best vape pod system or e-cig is one that makes vaping enjoyably easy – not necessarily the one with all the crazy bells and whistles.

Low-Nicotine Vape Juice is Becoming More Popular

While you’ve been able to create custom, low-nicotine vape juice for some time, more and more vapers are choosing to make the switch to low- or no nicotine juice. This means that you can expect to see an increase in options when it comes to nicotine-free juices, including pod-based juice and lower-strength nicotine salts – a type of vape liquid that exploded in popularity last year.

E-Cigs are Getting More Advanced

E-cigs are usually considered the most basic of entry-level vapes, but vaper demand has driven the development of higher-quality e-cig devices. Now, if you’re shopping for e-cigarettes, you’ll have more choices when it comes to high-performance, durable models that provide a truly satisfying vape experience.

Online Vape Retailers are More Important than Ever

Now that the FDA is cracking down on the sale of flavored vape juice, vapers are preparing to change how and where they shop for their e-liquid favorites. According to recent FDA statements, their goal is to limit the sale of flavored vape juice, making it harder for underage vapers to make purchases in brick-and-mortar vape shops.

However, that might also make shopping harder for legal vapers, which is why so many are turning to online retailers instead. Thankfully, retailers like South Beach Smoke offer an extensive selection of premium vape juice in all the flavors you know and love – so you don’t have to give up those delicious clouds anytime soon.

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