24mg Strength Cartridges: They Rock!

Did you know about our 24mg cartridges? They were recently added to our arsenal, and it would be in your best interest to check them out! Here are some of the benefits of using them, and how they can add flavor, potency, and versatility to your vaping. Do give them a try!

24mg nicotine cartridges are among the strongest in the industry. You asked, we delivered! They satisfy the needs of very heavy smokers, and add an additional option to those who want the ability to have more nicotine when they so choose. They were made to be comparable to the nicotine level of unfiltered cigarettes, and the most intense filtered cigarettes. We call them Bold, because that’s exactly what they are, both in flavor and satisfaction.

These cartridges are not for everyone, but many of you will love them. They allow you to get the most bang for your buck, and give you plenty of satisfaction with even minimal vaping.

We know how important it is to cater to a wide range of smokers, and our 24mg cartridges allow us to do that in one additional way. Many heavy smokers will want to start out with these, and gradually move down our list of nicotine strengths. For those who are concerned about being satisfied by our nicotine when they switch, they really do not need to worry when using these. The feeling is just as the name says – bold.

All South Beach Smoke cartridges are filled with exclusive, USA-made nicotine e-juice. American made means the freshness and quality are guaranteed, and have not been subject to longer times between manufacturing and getting the product to you. The flavor and nicotine potency are powerful, you will taste and feel these! All of our ten delicious e-cig flavors are available in our 24mg cartridges, so regardless of flavor, all the nicotine power is yours to have!