3 Legitimate Reasons Why Vaping is Outdoing Smoking

You’ve heard it all before… Why vaping is better than smoking.

And whether or not its truly fact or fantasy, many of these rationales have given you more than enough reason to kick some (cigarette) butt. And since seeking social asylum from the dreadful taste, smell and of course, health implications related to tobacco, many of you have also voiced your complete disgust at the sheer sight of it.

Obviously, you are not alone, and with that, allow us to introduce the countdown of 3 reasons why vaping outdoes smoking as it pertains to the modern day appeal:

Reason #3: Financially speaking, vaping’s cheaper than smoking and yet it looks much more sophisticated. It’s nothing short of a preposterous inhaling of radioactive tar on a stick that you overpaid for. You look rather foolish when flaunting tobacco these days because, why bother? Besides, unless you’re planning on hanging out in a vacant parking lot or a really stale bar, good ol’ cigs are a little too much on the stinky side to enjoy amongst the masses.

Reason #2: Speaking of social acceptance, the electronic form of the cigarette or its more advanced cousin the vaporizer has the “see and be seen” exclusivity when it comes to some of the hottest nightclubs, house parties and coffee talks around. Cigarettes, on the other hand are pretty much unwelcome everywhere.

Reason #1: It’s the 21st Century and you’ve got digital options for just about everything. You can fine tune your vaporizer or e-cig to fit into your life/ lifestyle, and not the other way around. You are able to choose every little aspect, from vape accessories to flavors; from nicotine level to devices; there is no one-way street with vaping. Make your e-smoking work for you; not the other way around.

Modernization isn’t all bad… in fact, when it comes to enjoying nicotine, digital smoking surpasses the traditional analog ten-fold. Save money, look better, use them where you please, and have all the personalized options you could dream of. The future is rather sweet, if we do say so ourselves!