Although vaping has been around since the mid-2000s, the trend has taken off in recent years. As it was once considered an alternative to smoking cigarettes, people now vape strictly as a hobby. From trying e-juice flavors to competing in vape cloud competitions, the past-time is unique.

What Does 2019 Have in Store?

Check out these trends for 2019 to see what you can expect from the starter kits to e-liquids.

1. More Advanced E-Cigs

As vaping devices become more popular, people start wanting better-vaping products that last longer. Manufacturers are working hard to meet that demand by providing high-end e-cigarettes that are more durable and better performing than the low-end ones many people start with. Companies are also working on creating vaporizers that are more customizable and portable than the ones available now.

2. More Flexibility in Vape Kits

Throughout 2018, there has been an increase in the flexibility of vape kits. In the past, kits were quite limited; however, this no longer the case. Pod kits, which were once only compatible with limited vape juices, now work with nearly any flavor available. New kits have longer battery life, charge faster and are compatible with a range of batteries and atomizers for full customization.

3. Better Vape Mods

Although 2018 vape mods were more customizable, their durability, compatibility, and ohms were much more limited. This year, companies are working to fix these challenges. Mods are becoming more compatible with a range of components. Manufacturers are also creating more durable designs, tanks with larger capacities and more effective atomizers.

4. More VG in Vape Juice Flavors

People who love to make big clouds will enjoy the latest trend in e-juices. This year’s products include more vegetable glycerin. VG juices have a thicker consistency that tastes a bit sweeter, is more comfortable on the throat, and produces more vapor. An increasing number of liquids are being produced with about 70 percent VG content.

5. E-Liquids With Varying Nicotine Content

Another popular trend in e-juices is varying nicotine contents. While it has been relatively easy to find e-juices with some nicotine content in them, it has never been easy to locate flavorful products with no nicotine in them. More e-juices are now nicotine-free, making it easier for those who have quit smoking or who have never smoked traditional cigarettes to partake in vaping.

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