6 Reasons to Give E-Cigs a Try!

Are you on the fence about switching to vapor cigs? Here are some seriously good reasons to give them a try, and to make the switch. Electronic cigarettes have become the smarter way to smoke, and more and more they are being seen everywhere in public. From college campuses to workplaces, shopping malls to bars and clubs. If you’re going to smoke, why not do so without the smoke? Here are a few great pointers on why they’re the better way to go!

1. Less Expensive.

Everyone wants to save money, even if you have more than enough of it. When you switch to electronic smoking, you can save yourself thousands of dollars every year, directly. Other ways you can save money, besides the obvious cost of cigarettes include healthcare costs, insurance premiums, and on additional necessary purchases such as fragrances, gums, and lighters that are needed to maintain the cigarette habit.

2. Less Dangerous.

No burning tobacco means no fire, which in turn, means no accidental burns or fires as a result of dropping your cigarette. Electronic is the way to go if you are not into fire, want to avoid an accident, or have a fear of it!

3. No Bad Odor.

Who really likes the smell of cigarette smoke? Have you ever heard anyone declare how they adore the scent of musty cigarette odor? No, you most likely have not, because even smokers aren’t keen on reeking like a dirty saloon!

4. So Much Freedom.

No one likes to be told what to do, or be limited in what they do and how they do it; smokers included. When you vape, you’ve got so many more options about where you can vape. Yes, realistically you will have to deal with some limitations, but you have more choices such as many public places, indoors, around others, in cars, etc.

5. More Environmentally Friendly.

Cigarette pollution is a major problem, and choosing an alternative instead of continuing the worldwide problem of cigarette butts is the responsible thing to do. Mother Earth will thank you.

6. More Enjoyable Socializing.

Keep yourself happy while you keep those around you happy when you’re socializing by vaping instead of smoking. Most nonsmokers want nothing to do with cigarette smoke, and if you’re using vapor cigs, you won’t be offending anyone by blowing smoke into their personal space. Keep the energy light, relaxed, and if everyone is happy, a better time will be had by all!