A Little FAQ on the HDP

If you are a South Beach Smoke customer, you are probably aware of our amazing Home Delivery Program. If you aren’t, but are considering, there are so many benefits to it that it’s really worth it to check it out. It’s just one of the many great services we offer our customers and it above all, makes being a customer even more valuable. So if you’re already on it, are a customer who is considering it, or are looking to start vaping with us, here is a quick little FAQ that can shed some light onto this amazing program!

Q: Does it cost anything to join?

A: No, not a cent! All you do is sign up! It is entirely, totally, 100% optional.

Q: Why would I want to join?

A: Because there are numerous benefits, in addition to the convenience of having your cartridge shipments coming to you on a set time basis. You will receive a lifetime warranty on all of your parts as well as 20% off all of your future refill e-cigarette cartridges. All smokers want to save some money, so this is one fabulous way to do so!

Q: How often will the shipments come?

A: You set the frequency, so if you want your shipments monthly, that’s when you’ll get them. Should you want them, say at intervals of 6 weeks, or 8 weeks, or whatever, it’s your call and whenever you want it to be.

Q: Is there a set amount of cartridges I have to sign up for?

A: No, again, it’s based on what you want. Refills come by the pack, in 15, 30, or 45 cartridges per package. You choose the flavor, the nicotine strength, and how many you want.

Q: What kind of contract am I bound to?

A: Absolutely none. This is an optional service you may choose to sign up for, and you can cancel at any time. You are bound by nothing, and it’s totally up to you how you want it to go. However, being on it is so loaded with benefits, we highly encourage it!

Q: Will it make me special?

A: Yes! For customers on our Home Delivery Program, we often run special sales and promotions on our e-cigs only available to them. Our customer service is excellent on all accounts, however being a member means that if anything goes wrong you are going to have a warranty cover your stuff, and that can make interactions go quicker and smoother. Therefore in our eyes, our HDP customers are very special!