Accessorize with Air Accessories!

The Air is awesome, and while it does come in a snazzy starter kit, there are a slew of accessories we carry to enhance your experience with it. Here is a look at the options to accessorize your Air vaporizer, as far as we’re concerned, the more the merrier!


There are 3 different Air batteries available: the Air Mini Battery, with 350 mAh, the Air Standard Battery with 650 mAh, and the Air High Capacity Battery, with 900 mAh. As you can see, you’ve got options. The Air Mini gives you a very nice amount of power in a tiny body. It’s a great backup battery, or the perfect one to have when you need that compact design (it goes anywhere, effortlessly!). The Standard is your standard option, enough power for normal daily use and all the control you could want in a vaporizer. The High Capacity battery gives you boatloads of power, and it has the extended capacity to produce unbelievably large amounts of vapor with every hit. If you’re into extremes, and want the most power available, here you go; the High Capacity will be perfect for you!

Air Tank (With Cap)

Vaporizers work with tanks for holding liquid, as well as protecting the mouthpiece from unwelcome foreign invaders like dander and dust. Ours holds a generous amount of e-liquid, and features an atomizer head that will last you between 2-3 weeks with average use; which is about 15-20 liquid refills. Expect your vapor to be excellent, and flavors to come through clean and potent with this tank, and you can count on it’s distinctive design to prevent leakage.

Air USB Charger

Whether your Air came in starter kit, or you chose to purchase the items individually, an extra USB charger is always a necessity. In fact, a few of them are a good idea. Another great thing about it, in addition to powering up your Air batteries and ensuring you can vape, is that it’s compatible with other South Beach Smoke chargers such as the Deluxe Wall Charger and the Universal Car Adapter, so if you’ve been using South Beach Smoke, you’re probably already set!

The South Beach Smoke Air accessories give you all the more options, and all the more pleasure in vaping with high power. Take advantage of them, they are fabulous to add to your repertoire, and they can add even more convenience to your routine!