All That You Need to Know Our About Nicotine E-Liquid

There are so many options on the market when it comes to nicotine liquid. Good ones, bad ones, lame ones, strong ones, different PG/ VG rations, a myriad of awesome flavors… pretty much everything for every type of smoker or vaper out there. Here’s a look at our liquid specs and why, if you’re vaping, there’s no better choice than what we bring to the table. Or the e-cig; however you look at it.

-Top Quality Ingredients: All of our ingredients are inhalation grade, which makes them literally pure enough for inhalation. This is beyond even food grade and other such labels because they are made to be inhaled, not eaten. Don’t you feel better knowing you have the option of inhalation-grade e-liquids?

-All Kosher: The ingredients in our liquids are kosher grade as well, furthering their purity cred. Better ingredients mean better results and performance. You wouldn’t eat an entire banana cream pie and then run a marathon expecting a star performance; low-end liquid will not give you full capability.

-Super Pure Glycerin: All the glycerin in our liquids is sourced from the best producers of Malaysian Palm. This is the finest glycerin around, especially when it comes to e-liquid. While other companies will not verify where their glycerin comes from, putting those with peanut allergies at the risk of a reaction, you can be sure that when using our liquids this will not be a problem.

-Time-Tested Top-Performing Base: Our e-liquid base is made up of a ratio of 70 to 30, PG to VG, and we have found this particular balance to produce the best results. Big clouds great hits awesome player; what more could you want?

Understanding the huge range of options and the insane level of disparity, we’ve created what we feel is the perfect formula for getting the best experience when you’re after big clouds, powerful hits, and your ultimate nicotine fix. If you aren’t vaping with our liquids, we encourage you to give them a go! You’ve got nothing to lose, and everything to gain!