An easy transition to e-cigs

Although the month of January is close to its end, in many ways it still feels like the new year is just beginning. And with those feelings in mind, you might still be thinking about the resolutions you made just before, on or just after the first day of the year. If you identify with these thoughts, you probably want to make a few lifestyle changes. But at the same time, it's perfectly normal to retain a few ways to enjoy yourself. Fortunately, vaping with the best electronic cigarettes available is a great way to, as the saying goes, have your cake and eat it too.

Transitioning to being an e-cig user may seem a little bit daunting at first. There's a whole new catalog of terminology and products to get used to, and the act itself may initially feel like it's odd. In reality, though, it's not that big a deal. Many of the offerings from South Beach Smoke are designed with those who are new to vaping in mind, from our Starter Kits to certain cartridge flavors.

Starting out with classic flavors
For a beginner e-cig user, it might be best to start out with the cartridge varieties that are most similar to traditional tobacco products and varieties. Luckily, we've got you covered with several excellent options.

New South Beach customers who enjoy traditional tobacco tastes will likely gravitate toward either the Tobacco Classic or Tobacco Blue cartridges. These, respectively, offer either a standard-strength or light flavor and feel, depending on what you prefer. If either of these aren't quite enough for you in terms of strength, don't worry! The Golden Tobacco is bound to be right up your alley. It boasts a taste that is equivalent to – and, ultimately, more enjoyable and convenient than – strong Middle Eastern and American tobacco flavors.

"But what about people who prefer menthol?" you might be asking. That's covered too, with the Menthol or Tobacco Mint flavor. Menthol cartridges give you that classic refreshing taste to which you've become accustomed. Meanwhile, for something that's got a little more character, the Tobacco Mint is the way to go, as its rich, sweet flavor means that vaping pleasure is all but guaranteed.

Disposables for beginners
If you're not quite ready to try a whole Starter Kit, why not go with disposables? There's no charging or cartridge-loading required, as they're meant to be enjoyed as soon as you open the box. For the smallest sample, go with the 4-pack, and there are also 8- and 12-packs available for those who are more committed.