Be thankful for e-cigarettes!

Millions of Americans have already set out on the long journey to visit family and friends to celebrate Thanksgiving. However, while this is the season to give thanks and express your gratitude for everything you have, traveling for Thanksgiving can be stressful. Rather than smoke traditional tobacco cigarettes this holiday, why not switch to e-cigs and enjoy a guilt-free Thanksgiving?

Traveling companions
Whether you're driving or flying to your destination this Thanksgiving, the chances are good that you'll experience at least a little stress during your journey. In difficult situations, such as waiting at the airport or being stuck in traffic, it's tempting to light up to calm your nerves. However, this isn't always possible, and even if it is, smoking traditional tobacco can make your clothes, hair and car upholstery smell. 

On the other hand, e-cigarettes provide you with the same rich, satisfying throat hit of tobacco without the smoke. Our water-based vapor feels and tastes like cigarette smoke, but doesn't leave a lingering odor. Plus, vaping on an e-cig can be safer than trying to light a cigarette while driving. You can also use your electronic cigarette at some airports. However you plan to travel this Thanksgiving, don't forget your handy traveling companion!

Guilt-free satisfaction
Let's face it – during Thanksgiving, it can be all too easy to over-do it. Between turkey naps, beers with the game and other delightfully decadent pleasures, you might feel a little guilty after the food has gone and the football has ended. Although vaping might not help you shed those pesky holiday pounds, one thing you don't have to feel guilty about is smoking. 

Electronic cigarettes offer the same satisfying sensation as smoking a traditional tobacco cigarette with no combustion, no smoke and no ash. We're confident that once you've tried our e-cigs, you'll never look back. Millions of American smokers have already made the switch from tobacco smokes to e-cigarettes, and Thanksgiving is the perfect time to turn your back on tobacco forever. If you've never tried vaping. our disposable electronic cigarettes are an ideal way to see what all the fuss is about, and for those who've already experienced the pleasure of e-cigs, our range of Deluxe Starter Kits come with everything you need to say goodbye to guilt and enjoy a whole new world of smoking satisfaction.