Why Should You Quit Smoking?

Why should you quit smoking? Because your body is begging you to! That smoker’s cough, the tightness in your chest from the tar build-up, the stains on your teeth, the accumulation of carcinogens coursing through your blood stream, the arteries which are constricted due to the effects of cigarettes, the dullness in your complexion, the stains on your gums and hands; these are all signs your body is using to tell you to quit!

Easy to say, and much harder in execution, no one has ever said quitting smoking was a piece of cake. However, most people who have used electronic cigarettes to quit have said it went way easier than all the times they tried doing it in other ways, like with the typical cessation methods like gum and the patch. Most people begin smoking when they are young, naive, and impressionable. They pick up the habit for all sorts of reasons, and never, ever fathom how difficult it is to quit. Nor do they think about the consequences or how bad for the health cigarettes are. Today’s anti-smoking campaigns seem to really be working, as more and more youth are staying away from cigarettes than ever before, and this is great news. However, for those people who are smokers, quitting is the best thing they can do for themselves.

E-cigs take care of the mental and the physical sides pretty simply by being an alternative. You still get the same motion of bringing it to your mouth and puffing, the same feeling of having the smoke in your mouth and throat with vapor, you still get the same exhilarating rush from the nicotine. Only thing missing is the tobacco, and if you want that flavor it’s all yours, because we offer three different varieties of tobacco flavored e-cigarette cartridges.

In the words of our President Barack Obama: “Tobacco remains the leading cause of preventable early deaths in this country. We also know that the best way to prevent the health problems that come with smoking is to keep young people from starting in the first place.”