Father’s Day E Cigarette Gifts

South Beach Smoke Father's Day
South Beach Smoke Father’s Day

Not sure what to get Dad this year for Father’s Day? Here are a look at some of the top gifts guys and dads typically love, and perhaps they’ll lend a little inspiration to score the perfect gift this year. T- minus one week to get it together! Make your dad, or husband, or grandpa, or brother, or any of the awesome father figures in your life super stoked this year!

Food: The perfect filet mignon, a platter of the best sushi you can afford, center-cut bacon shipped in from the Deep South, a sexy bag of Haas avacados… you know your pops better than anyone, so whatever his favorite indulgence may be, we urge you to rock his world! No-Fail? Take him out to eat at his fave spot on a night other than Father’s Day, to avoid the crowds for a more laid-back vibe.

Drink: Beer, wine, liquor, or all of the above? Whatever his favorite beverage for imbibing may be, take things to the next level. Locally bottled craft brews, reserve whiskey, a homemade gin kit, perhaps?

Tech: Apple Watches, FitBits, a badass Thunder vape pen… guys love tech gifts. Dads love tech gifts. Appeal to his inner child who has developed a wonderful sense of big boy toys over the years with a tech-minded gift that will delight!

Relaxation: A sweet hammock, excellent reading material, and a variety of South Beach Smoke e-liquids in delightfully delicious flavors would make awesome gifts to help him unwind!

Our overall thoughts on the #1 Father’s Day Gift: Give the gift of South Beach Smoke! When you think about it, our e-cigarettes, vaporizers, and accompanying products measure up to all of the above categories, and they throw in a heavy dose of “cool” while they’re at it. Talk about something to satisfy every side!