Best E-Cigarette Gifts for the Holidays 2012

We are smack in the middle of Hanukah, and on the countdown to Christmas! With only 12 days left until Santa makes his much-anticipated visit, the majority of people who celebrate have at least a little sweat on the brow! Are you ready?

We are still running our really awesome holiday sale, where you can buy an electronic cigarette starter kit for someone as a gift, and get one for yourself for free. How many companies reward you while you do the holiday shopping like that? I’m sure not many! When it comes to e-cigarettes in general, buy one get one free sales are pretty hard to come by, and this year, starter kits are one of the hottest gifts you can give! The sale goes until December 25th, so even if you miss the cut off point for giving it as a Hanukah gift, and you’ll most likely miss the Christmas delivery cut off, you can still give it belated. And it’s absolutely a gift worth waiting for, that’s for sure!

For the people in your life who already are enjoying the pleasures of vapor cigarettes, nice gifts to give are those that will only enhance their vaping pleasure and boost the convenience. Accessories like the Universal Carry Case are fantastic and thoughtful, they are useful and stylish, and it’s always a nice thing to have. As an e-cig user myself, I can never have enough batteries, so when I wake up to them in my stocking, it’s always appreciated! Cartridge refills rock too, especially in holiday flavors like peppermint and vanilla. Again, even if I already have enough, having more is just plain nice!

Another top gift to give is the Personal Charging Case. It really is a necessity no e-smoker should be without. The things this little case can do are wonderful, and for $49.99 it is a steal! A perfect gift for a co-worker who uses South Beach Smoke, or anyone you know who would appreciate being able to charge their batteries no matter where they are, and no matter what they are doing.

So, with the holidays practically here, aren’t we all scrambling to finish the shopping and tie up all loose ends? Here’s to finishing on time, and celebrating yet another year of smoke-free happiness!