Alternatives to Smoking Cigarettes for Stress Relief

South Beach Smoke Alternatives to Smoking Cigarettes for Stress ReliefIt may seem like a long shot, but you may wonder, can e-cigarettes reduce stress? Well, they are made to basically replace traditional cigarettes, and since so many people turn to smoking because it reduces stress, we think “why not?” Here are a look at different ways electronic cigarettes can help out with stress, similar to the ways traditional cigarettes do, only without the burdens of tobacco, smoke, the nasty odor, and conflicts with your social life.


When you’re tolerance levels are totally maxed out, what makes you happy? Pleasure, right? Well, electronic cigarettes, just like the old smelly traditionals, work to bring in the pleasure. Whether it’s the motion of inhaling and exhaling, the breathing in and allowing the nicotine rush to take over, or just the essence of feeling the vapor in your mouth, electronic smoking is every bit as pleasurable as traditional smoking.


For some people, delicious things have a way of calming them down, replacing a negative with a positive. Vaping can really bring on the calming sensations, and the pleasurable ones with just amazing flavor alone. If you’re stressed, and you crave the escape of some delectable treat but don’t want to compromise your healthy eating habits, have a go with some of our exceptionally tasty e-cigarette flavors like chocolate, vanilla, pina colada, watermelon, or double apple hookah for flavor that that will allow you a stress-free indulgence!


In today’s world, convenience goes pretty darn far. It saves time, energy, and enables us to get more done when we are usually on hectic overload. E-cigarettes can add a little extra stress relief to your life because they are so much more convenient. Whether it’s being able to smoke them in public, and around others, or the fact that all you have to do is whip out your e-cig and puff it for satisfaction; without a lighter or dealing with the trash afterwards, they give you the ability to enjoy your nicotine with as little trouble as possible.

The bottom line: if you’re still smoking traditional cigarettes, and are stressed, give South Beach Smoke e-cigs a try! We offer incredibly convenient products, in wildly delicious flavors, that will give you all the pleasure and stress relieving benefits you are used to with cigarettes; only without the smoke! All you have to lose is the stress!