Can You Smoke E-Cigs Indoors?

South Beach Smoke Can You Smoke E-Cigs Indoors?If e-cigarettes are just like regular cigarettes, the question persists on whether they should be allowed to be used indoors. Can they be safely used indoors? Doesn’t vapor pose a threat somehow? Is second hand vapor an issue on any level?

Unlike traditional cigarettes, e-cigarettes do not pollute the air, indoor or outdoor. Therefore, they can be used without any problems for nonsmokers in the vicinity. The vapor that is smoked and released is nothing at all like cigarette smoke, in fact it couldn’t be farther away in likeness. While the one similarity vapor and smoke share is that they both carry nicotine to the user, that is the only thing that unites them.

When e-cigarettes are smoked, the user inhales both the nicotine and the vapor because the vapor is what carries the nicotine. On the exhale, there is nothing but vapor. There is no smoke, no tar that can build up, and nothing gets left behind. Because electronic cigarette nicotine cartridge liquid is comprised of just a few ingredients in addition to the nicotine and flavoring, and nothing like cigarettes that contain tobacco laced with thousands of other chemicals, using e-cigs is extremely clean, for the environment, the body, and the surrounding air.

Can e-cigarettes be used indoors can be answered very simply: Yes. Not only do they not emit any smoke or chemicals, they also release no ash and no smell at all. The only way someone around you will know you are even smoking is if they see the e-cig, but as you vape, e-cigs will not create and inconvenience or smelly distraction for the people around you. You won’t have to worry about stains happening on your walls or curtains, you won’t have to worry about accidentally dropping your cig and burning holes in your linens or furniture (or worse, causing  a fire) and you won’t have to worry about decreasing your home’s indoor air quality. Look at all the perks that come with quitting!