Carrying Your E-Cig: How to do it Right

If you’re out and about, you may be wondering about the best ways to bring your e-cig with you. Sure, they are super portable, but you still have to keep them safe and protected. If you’re carrying additional gear with you, that’s also a concern. Here’s the deal on how to carry your e-cig, wherever you’re at, and wherever you may be going!

Store Your Gear:

Carrying cases are basically electronic cigarette necessities. Lucky for you, we carry several different types. Our Universal Carrying Case is a sleek, slim, hard case that will hold your basic pieces: an e-cig and a few cartridges. It is small enough to fit in a pocket, and guaranteed you’ll know where your stuff is. Our Carrying Case is the way to go if you are carrying around more than a couple of pieces of e-cig gear, and it has safety compartments to stay organized, plus it has the benefit of a zipper closure, so you can be sure everything stays where it needs to be without surprise openings.

Conveniently Carry & Charge:

Our PCC, or Portable Charging Case is another handy essential. These cases are multifunctional, and if you’re on the go, you’ll appreciate all the power and conveniences it avails you. While it holds your batteries, it charges them, up to 4 times. It was also deigned to hold a few cartridges. Made to be the most secure charging case on the market, it was engineered for outlet-free charging, without overcharging your batteries (that can kill them). It fits in a pocket, or any other bag or backpack you’re keeping it in, and anyone who has one will tell you it’s a lifesaver!

Safely Around Your Neck:

If you’re running around being busy, doing activities that keep your hands occupied, and you want more safety than your pockets or purse can offer, get a South Beach Smoke Lanyard. These keep your e-cig safely around your neck, and ready when you need it. Secure and stylish, you have the option of wearing it proud, or safely beneath your shirt.

Taking care of your stuff is beyond important; why spend money on great e-cigs if you aren’t going to protect them right? Thankfully we offer the right products to keep your e-cigs safe and to keep you organized. Enjoy your vaping, friends!