Celebrate Freedom From Smoke on the 4th!

Smoke from 4th of July fireworks is never a problem, but smoke form cigarettes is! In fact, this July 4th, the only getting lit with fire should be the fireworks, and not any cigarettes when you have the option of e-cigarettes! Are you looking forward to celebrating America’s birthday this year with freedom from tobacco smoke?

If you are a smoker, you know very well how it cumbersome it can be to socialize. Hanging out in larger groups, and especially with family, it can be nearly impossible to feel comfortable smoking cigarettes. Smoking around children, the elderly, people who detest smoke, and smokers who have quit can make one feel very self conscious, and even outcasted. In this scenario, alternative cigarettes are so much more practical, and will not be inconveniencing anyone! So many users of e-cigs love the freedom they experience when they ditch the tobacco, most definitely when it comes to socializing. Emitting no smoke, there is no chance of second hand smoke, so you can once again be comfortable in smoke-free zones! As e-cigarettes are reusable, you also won’t be dropping your used butts in places they don’t belong. If you are going to be partying in the great outdoors, these are far better than traditional cigarettes because you don’t have to be concerned about leaving a trail of pollution behind you!

South Beach Smoke is making this year’s July 4th one to really remember, by making it the year you trade your regular tobacco cigarettes for electronic. In celebration, and to motivate customers further, all starter kits are specially priced at 25% off! Making it even sweeter, you will receive free shipping on all orders over $100! Whether you are looking to purchase your very first kit for yourself, want to upgrade to a more advanced package, or are thinking of buying one for someone else, do it now! Electronic cigarette starter kits always sell like crazy at this time year, as people anticipate the nonstop partying of July 4th. Starter kits are the best way to start using vapor cigarettes, because they simplify everything for you. You can literally begin vaping the same day your kit arrives in the mail!

Independence Day is one of the most important holidays of the year if you are an American. A day dedicated to freedom, where we have the right to choose what is best for ourselves as individuals, is absolutely priceless. Isn’t it time to honor the freedom you have in choosing not to smoke when you can vape?