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Celebrating Dad with the Deal of the Week!

This week’s Deal of the Week is all about Dad! In celebration and preparation for Father’s Day, we invite you to get shopping and choosing the best gifts for the dad’s in your life by hitting up our Father’s Day Gift Guide, where everything will be 10% off for this week only! Get Papa Bear what he really wants: awesome vape gear, vaporizers, and e-cigs! Because even if he’s a diehard smoker, he’s still going to benefit from having a seriously good alternative. So get shopping; you’ve got limited time to score the absolute best gifts at the best prices from South Beach Smoke!


Father’s Day allows you to take some extra time out of your busy life to celebrate your dad, or all of the dads in your life. It’s meant to offer a moment of gratitude, and giving your dad (or husband, grandfather, uncle, or brother) a gift that shows how much their dedication as a father figure means to you is an amazing gesture. And in our opinion, if this dad happens to be a smoker or vaper, there is no better way to celebrate them than by giving the gift of vape. The amount of benefits vaping can bring to one’s life is unlimited; so why not offer your papa a change for the better?


The gift of vapor has been a favorite since vaping hit the market because a cigarette habit can really affect so many people close to a smoker. Giving a gift that offers an alternative, without compromising pleasure and the enjoyment of smoking is one of the best things you can give a smoker. Even if they have had no interest in vaping; being able to try it out, risk-free, can take the pressure off. Also, it means a lot to give a gift that shows how much you care, and knowing how deadly smoking is, giving a well-thought-out incentive to vape allows you to get your message across, convey how much your dad’s health means to you, without getting all preachy.


If the lucky dad in your life is already a vaper, congrats to him! And it probably helps to know that this little fact will make shopping for him so much easier. If he currently vapes e-cigs, perhaps a new vape pen starter kit will rock his world? It’s an upgrade in performance and power, and allows him to experience the ride courtesy of you! If he already vapes with vaporizers and mods, perhaps a bundle of e-liquids will tantalize his taste buds? In the vape world, e-juice is always appreciated, and trying new flavors that have been given as gifts is extremely enjoyable!


And then for the dad who is into dry herb, the ultimate gift is a dry herb vaporizer that will enable him the most freedom and versatility imaginable! Having this kind of technology applied to herb is mind-blowing, and knowing how much most guys love gadgets, this is surely to be a gift he enjoys to the fullest! After experiencing the world of freedom to vape anywhere, without producing odor, without needing fire, being able to vape covertly whenever needed… if you really want to impress, a dry herb vaporizer is the way to go!


This week only y’all, the Deal of the Week is on, and it’s better than ever! We are celebrating all the dads out there with a fantastic sale that hooks them up for Father’s Day, and saves you some money in the meantime! So get shopping, start saving, and get your Pops something he’s really going to love and thank you for: vapor!