Celebrities love e-cigs. We love it when celebrities get spotted casually using them too! So for both parties, it works out pretty well. South Beach Smoke electronic smokes have always been popular with the Hollywood crowd, and out list of famous users is pretty extensive. The latest spotting of celebs with e-cigarettes include Samuel L. Jackson, Danish actor Thomas Bo Larsen, and rock legend Ronnie Wood of the Rolling Stones.

Just like any ordinary person, they usually begin smoking cigarettes for all the usual reasons. And later on, they want to quit just the same. While cigarettes may have been a prop to show one’s exemplary coolness, they really don’t make  anyone look good now. These days, every time another big name celeb makes the decision to start vaping with e-cigarettes, it makes the news. It shows how much with the times they are, and above all, shows that they are down with a conscious image. Even Hollywood knows, cigarettes are not cool anymore!

In Hollywood, cigarettes were once a symbol of glamour, and they enhanced a star’s image. For men, they gave a cool, tough, strong look. Remember the iconic “Marlboro Man” stereotype? For women, the look was even more in depth. Cigarettes added a certain masculine edge, and early feminists embraced them for the ability to claim gender equality. When a woman smoked, it supposedly meant she was independent, strong, willing to take her life into her own hands, and essentially be like a man. As the times have changed, (for the better) cigarettes no longer hold the same appeal. Women no longer have anything to prove when it comes to their independence, and men really don’t need tobacco and smoke to display their rough edged strength. Both sexes, famous or not, would rather be displaying their intention to quit, and that they are using a healthier, greener, less expensive, more responsible alternative to tobacco!