Celebrities Who Vape

South Beach Smoke Celebrities Who VapeCelebrities have always been on the cigarette bandwagon, and these days they are way more into the electronic offerings. In fact, some of e-cigarettes’ earliest advocates were celebs! These days, it’s not uncommon to find the likes of Robert Pattinson, Kyle Richards, Leonardo DiCaprio, Catherine Zeta Jones, Charlie Sheen, JWOW, Kevin Connolly, Jeremy Piven, Lindsay Lohan, Nikki Reed, Miley Crus, Harrison Ford, and Katherine Heigl puffing away on their e-cigs. Many of them are quite outspoken about the benefits and how they’ve personally benefitted from using alternative cigarettes, while Kyle Richards took to Twitter not to long ago boasting their positive attributes, defending her choice to use them when she received negative press for smoking.

Hollywood has always had a thing for cigarettes, so it’s only natural that electronic cigarettes would be so embraced. For the longest time, it was about image, as in cigarettes made the user look cool. Musicians used them onstage as props, endless fashion mags used them in editorials. Cigarette companies tapped into every possible type of advertising and marketing avenue to appeal to prospective users, and there was no skimping on glamour.

But we all know how bad cigarettes are, and smoking them in today’s health conscious social environment does not make you “cool” or “fashionable,” it makes you the opposite, and will have you looking very out of touch! Besides, there is no more locale more vain than Hollywood, anywhere in the world, and the last thing any stars want is to look any older than they are, so cigarettes should be avoided at all costs!

Electronic cigarettes, on the other hand, make one look very up on the times, and won’t mess with your skin’s perfection! They show that you are conscious of your health and those around you. They make you look wiser for choosing a healthier option, and show that as a smoker you are committed to being healthier. The negative effects of smoking go on and on, so the sooner you stop smoking, the better! And in Hollywood, image is everything, so e-cigs have the stars making much better impressions! With all the convenience, the freedom to use them everywhere, and the availability of things like e-cigarette accessories, why would anyone want to deal with smoke?