If you are a South Beach Smoke user, you know we have many different e-cig flavor cartridges. We have something for everyone, whether your tastes range from classic tobacco to sweet vanilla. Even if you have a craving that makes your taste buds cry out for something different, chances are we have just the thing to make them happy. Having a large selection of flavors is pretty important if you want to please a large range of people. Obviously not everyone likes the same things at the same time, and some people need more diversity than others, so having plenty of options is right up our alley.

Many smokers have found that while they were strictly tobacco or menthol smokers when they were smoking cigarettes, it’s a totally different story with e-cigarettes. Vapor is amazing at carrying different flavors, and many e-smokers have found that when it comes to enjoying flavor, vapor is way better. Tobacco and menthol alone won’t cut it!

I don’t know about you, but when the holidays start rolling around, there are certain aromas and flavors that just make the season that much more special. While we don’t carry any specialized “holiday” flavors for our e-cigs, some of our flavors really do bring out the festive mood. Peppermint, cherry, vanilla, chocolate- don’t you crave these flavors especially during the holidays? How about a vanilla e-cig paired with an espresso and some gingerbread cookies? What about a cherry cartridge, with a tall cold glass of spiked eggnog? Oh, the holidays are so much brighter when you’re smoking electronically!