Choosing a Starter Kit: What to Know Before You Purchase

Electronic cigarette starter kits are the standard way of starting up with vaping. You get all the stuff you need in a handy little package, and you don’t have to think twice about getting extra products to make the magic happen. The trick, however, is finding the right setup in the beginning, because as you are probably well aware, there are a great many different starter kits! How do you know which you want? How do you know what you’ll need? How do you figure out which kit will work best for your needs? These are probably some of the questions circulation in your brain.

So, to keep things simple and to help you navigate the terrain, here are some questions to guide you along. Vaping should be pleasurable and stress relieving – not stress-inducing!

How many batteries do you think you’ll need? If you aren’t sure, a good start is 2, so that you have one as a backup for when the other is charging or dead. More batteries is not a bad thing, however some people are looking to stick to a budget in the beginning.

What kinds of flavors do you like? Consider the many flavor options you have before you. If you are wanting to stick to strictly tobacco flavors, especially if you are a smoker who is trying e-cigarettes for the first time, we’ve got three to choose from, in addition to menthol and a very varied selection that includes fruit and other sweet flavors. If you can’t choose just one, we’ve got the perfect thing for you: two different variety packs such as our 10 Flavor sampler, which includes our original 10 flavors and our New Flavor Bundle that has all 6 of our new flavors.

Accessories: More or Less? You have lots of options here. We carry a large assortment of different chargers, and some people find having all of them are useful, and others find they use only one or two of them and that’s it. Think about your lifestyle; are you likely going to need an adapter for the car because you spend ample amounts of time in it? Do you use a digital device such as your computer or tablet regularly enough to want to do your charging from it? What about the wall adapter? Is it necessary?

Is a more expensive kit going to promise me a more enjoyable vaping experience? Not necessarily. Especially if you target your particular type of usage and figure out which products will work for the way you will be vaping.

Part of buying the right e-cigarette starter kit is finding out which products you want and need, versus those that will be completely irrelevant to you. It takes a little time and a little research, but making informed decisions will take you a whole lot farther and make you a whole lot more satisfied with the end result! And, if you can’t decide at all on a starter kit, you know what we suggest? Get a Reusable Express Kit; just the bare basics, but enough to experience the power of South Beach Smoke vaping!