Combine e-cigs with classic fall favorites

The coming of autumn means much more than just sweater weather and shorter days. Fall is many people's favorite time of year, particularly those with a penchant for pumpkin and other seasonal favorites. This autumn, why not try combining the delicious tastes of the season with the many satisfying flavors of e-cigarettes available at

Out of your gourd
Some people just can't get enough of pumpkin-flavored foods during the fall. Donuts, coffee, beer and, of course, pumpkin pie are all ubiquitous during the autumn months, and nothing goes better with these delicious treats that a cool, crisp draw on an electronic cigarette. However, before you head to your local coffee shop to pick up a pumpkin spiced latte, you need to think about what flavor of e-cigs will best accompany your tasty treat.

As pumpkin has a light, sweet, flavor, a deep, bold variety of e-cigarette cartridge may work best. South Beach Smoke has a wide range of flavors that are perfect for any occasion, so why not try a combination of your favorite pumpkin-flavored foods with our Deluxe Menthol e-cigs? The crisp, refreshing vapor will be the ideal way to complement your favorite fall foods, so what are you waiting for?

Alehouse rock
Of course, nothing says fall quite like pumpkin beer. With dozens of varieties to choose from, we can't help you pick the perfect beer, but we can make it easier to pair your autumnal beverage with an e-cigarette flavor that will satisfy you every time.

The complex blend of spices and hops means you should choose a traditional tobacco flavor e-cig when enjoying these tasty beers. South Beach Smoke's Tobacco Classic cartridges taste just like real tobacco, but also offer a slightly sweet aftertaste, which makes this flavor the ideal accompaniment to a pumpkin ale. Alternatively, if you like your vapor a little lighter, try our Tobacco Blue e-cigs, which have the same full flavor as our Tobacco Classic e-cigarettes with a smooth, satisfying finish.

To celebrate the vivid hues and crisp mornings of fall, we're offering our range of starter kits at 25 percent off. That means our deluxe starter kit costs just $59.99. This kit has everything you need to get vaping this fall, including one standard and one extra-capacity SuperMax battery, a deluxe USB and portable wall charger, and 10 large nicotine atomizers, equivalent to around 14-16 packs of traditional tobacco cigarettes. With this much value, there's never been a better time to switch to South Beach Smoke's range of electronic cigarettes.