Come in from the cold with e-cigarettes

If you're a smoker, the chances are pretty good that winter is among your least favorite times of year. Let's face it – having to leave the comfort and warmth of your office or workplace to trudge outside for a smoke can get old really quickly, especially if you live in a part of the country that experiences particularly harsh winters. Rather than bundle up and brave the elements every time you want a smoke, why not make the switch from traditional tobacco to e-cigarettes?

Freedom and convenience
Using e-cigs frees you from the chains of smoking traditional cigarettes. Why stand outside in the rain, snow or cold weather puffing away on a traditional smoke when you could experience the same satisfying throat hit from our range of e-cigs? 

Although workplace cigarette breaks are an obvious situation in which e-cigarettes are a preferable alternative to tobacco smokes, the same can be said for a variety of other situations. Maybe your friends are throwing a dinner party, but don't want you to smoke in the house. Our disposable electronic cigarettes and other products offer rich, thick water-based vapor with no smoke, no combustion and – perhaps best of all – no guilt.

There are countless situations in which e-cigarettes are a better way to enjoy smoking, especially during the winter. Parties, dinner dates, workplace functions – the list is practically endless. Don't settle for standing outside in the cold, make the switch and experience a whole new world of smoking pleasure without the hassle.

An e-cig for every season
Of course, while the colder months are an ideal time to make the transition from tobacco to electronic cigarettes, our extensive range of flavors and e-cig accessories are perfect for any time of year. We currently offer e-cig cartridges in nine flavors – with five more on the way – that will appeal to every palate. From lighter, more playful tastes such as vanilla, peach and cherry to bold, full-bodied flavors like tobacco gold, classic and menthol, we've got a flavor for everyone.

This holiday season, say goodbye to smoking outside and make a choice that aligns with your modern lifestyle. Browse our selection of disposable electronic cigarettes, Deluxe Starter Kits and cool accessories to find the perfect way to vape for you and come in from the cold this winter.