Companies Are Not Hiring Smokers: Don’t Let Opportunity Pass You By!

Electric cigarettes are looking more attractive by the day! It may be hard to believe that this kind of discrimination actually occurs, but when it comes to hiring choices, employers are pretty keen to opt for nonsmoking employees. Smokers present various disadvantages, and many companies would rather have their team members not smoke cigarettes.

While workplace discrimination is nothing new, and not surprising, it is not necessarily illegal in these terms; it’s a matter of preference. Employers have the choice in who they hire, and just like they can deny an individual a position based on their drug history, credit report, or employment history, they can decide whether a person will be a good fit based on their smoking lifestyle; and that includes a “no hiring smokers” policy.

Cigarette smokers are also frowned upon by employers due to the often excessive breaks they take to be able to smoke. They can be a nuisance to others in the workplace who are offended, or sensitive to the smell of smoke that lingers on their clothes. And because many work environments force people to be in close contact with each other, it’s quite a disservice to others to have no choice but to smell them.

So what’s a smoker to do if they are unemployed, looking for a better job, or want to move up in the corporate world? Get with the program and start vaping, that’s what! While tobacco cigarettes and all types of tobacco products are totally stigmatized and looked down upon, that is not the case with electronic cigarettes. E-cigs, on the contrary actually have a rather great reputation and have the ability to make users look conscious, hip, and entirely up on the times. Unlike tobacco cigarettes, when you are e-smoking, no one will ever be able to detect the smell of cigarettes, or really have any suspicions that you are a smoker.

E-cigarettes will allow you to have the same feeling, the same experience, and the same enjoyment of flavor as you have with ordinary cigarettes, only in a much simpler, cleaner, less smelly way. And the very best way to jump right in to electronic smoking? With an awesome electronic cigarette starter kit from South Beach Smoke, of course!