Coughing While Vaping

Coughing when smoking is one thing, but coughing when vaping is another. I mean, isn’t the cough supposed to be gone when you eliminate the smoke tar and switch it for electronic smoking? Now, before you go jumping to conclusions and get convinced that vaping is going to offer no different of an experience than smoking, here are some good tips to help understand why the coughing may have come up, and how to control it.

PG & Allergies

Some vapers find that they are allergic to e-liquids that contain propylene glycol. While this is not tremendously common, it does happen. Propylene glycol, aka PG, is often used in nicotine liquids as the part of the liquid that contributes to a powerful throat hit. PG can also cause a cough for new users if it is too strong, so if you find yourself in that predicament you may want to switch to an exclusively VG based liquid.

Too Much Nicotine?

Getting your nicotine strength correct can sometimes be tricky, and going too heavy with it can result in coughing. Luckily, adjusting your nicotine level to a lower amount can solve this. Too much nicotine can also leave you feeling nauseous which is never a good thing!

Too Much Flavor?

Our 30,000 different e-liquid flavors can certainly whet your whistle, however for some people, intense and out of the ordinary flavors can really mess with their systems and cause them to cough. In this case, stick with tobacco and menthol and gradually allow your system to develop some tolerance to other flavors.

Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate!

When vaping, you need to drink a lot of water. Some people assume that the water vapor you get when smoking electronically is providing hydration, however it does not. In fact, it can have the opposite effect resulting in dehydration, and causing you to cough your brains out. If you have found yourself in this precarious situation, up your water intake big-time!

Are your Drags too Long?

Dragging on an e-cigarette is pretty different from using a traditional cigarette. While smoking traditional cigarettes, the typical method is long and slow, but with a digital cig, the puffs should be short and quick, lasting no more than 2 to 3 seconds. There will probably be a bit of a learning curve involved here while you figure it out, however this can result in a more pleasant experience without the vape cough.

So, if you’ve found yourself coughing as a result of vaping, worry not my fair vapers! Vape cough can be conquered, and you can vape comfortably for good with some adjustments!