Customer Service: What it Means to Us

So much can be said about a company, it’s products, what it offers to the public, and what kind of customer service they are giving. Hands down, these days if you want to succeed as a brand, especially on the internet, your ability to handle your customers in a gracious manner can make or break you.

As a leader in the field of e-cigarettes, we strive to carry ourselves with such pride that our customers are happy to be with us, and happy to be buying our products. Of course, we consider our products to be exemplary and the finest around, but it’s our commitment to serving our customers that really keeps people loyal. If a bad experience is had, we know how quickly one can take it to the internet. In this event, our foremost goal is to have things taken care of as quickly as possible: we value your feelings! However, the same goes for a good experience, and that is the kind of impression we’d rather leave. When our customers leave us positive e-cigarette reviews, we are beyond happy that the time was taken!

At South Beach Smoke, we pride ourselves in how our customers are so often praising our products, cost effectiveness, and most importantly our customer service. We offer various channels at which we happily will communicate through, and we make sure to keep ourselves available.

Questions? We answer them, and do our best to do so thoroughly. Concerns? We do our best to soothe them. Suggestions? We take them to heart. As a customer, you have a voice, and we want to hear it! There are many reasons our e-cigs are the best – both in customer service as well as in design!