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Deal of the Week: Explore the World of Vaping with the Eleaf iCare Starter Kit

Get ready for the excitement you guys, it’s time for your weekly dose of savings with our Deal of the Week! This week we are making it really easy to start enjoying the good life; AKA the vape life! If you already vape, then you’re in luck because you can upgrade to this amazing starter kit for a seriously great price! If you’re a smoker looking for some change, then this kit was designed precisely with you in mind as the most advanced beginner mod. So, get ready to save on the Eleaf iCare Starter Kit; this kit is going to be priced at 10% off for this week only, and it is the most fantastic, enjoyable, and handy mod around!

The Eleaf iCare Starter Kit is an amazing option for vaping. This kit comes with everything you need for a proper experience, with its own unique twist on the process. This is the ultimate starter kit for beginner vapers who have never tried even the simplest vapor device, and it is also amazing for those who have tried e-cigs and other basic products, but want a little more performance. This stripped down mod was designed to do just that, along with provide a very enjoyable experience, without any complications. There is nothing to figure out, nothing to set, nothing to have to learn. The instructions are pretty cut-and-dry, making it easy to enjoy the thousands of different e-liquid flavors ahead, without having to explore the world of vaping with frustration.

Additionally, if you know anyone who could benefit from going smoke-free, or needs a change in their life away from tobacco, this kit makes an amazing gift. Smokers will love the powerful hits that mimic the feeling of smoke, and also the simple build that does not involve and high-level knowledge of vape devices in order to use it. And, at this price, it just can’t be beat, so think ahead of any smokers you know who may enjoy the gift of vapor!

As far as simplicity goes, it just does not get better than this kit. It’s as simple as could be. Mod performance with utter freedom. There are no fire buttons, no dials, and nothing to configure. Even the coils are predetermined. It’s already set up, straight out of the box. With an easy to fill 1.8ml internal tank, all you have to do is remove the top, fill it up with the e-liquid of your choice, reattach it and start vaping. The mod boasts max 15w output, which may seem low if you’ve heard of the super-high wattage devices, but remember, the Eleaf iCare is geared towards the beginner or e-cig vaper, who has not yet mastered the ranks of the high-performance sector yet. As an introductory device, this is plenty of power, and along with its 650mAh battery, you could not ask for a better combination of power and performance in a starter device.

The Eleaf iCare Starter Kit includes:

1- Eleaf iCare Mod

2- IC 1.1 ohm Head

1- USB Cable

1- User Manual

So, this week, jump into the pool of savings with the Eleaf iCare Starter Kit, specially priced at 10% off as our Deal of the Week. The ultimate kit for beginners or cig-a-like vapers, this intro to the world of vaping is an amazing way to enjoy the pleasures of vaping without getting too technical. Awesome performance, great specs, easy to use and maintain, top quality, convenience, and big time savings; what more could you ask for?