Delivering the Goods with Home Delivery

You like convenience, don’t you? You like when what you want and what you need gets delivered to your door without having to even think about it? You like having total freedom to vape and then go about your business without having anything be a hassle? Then we need to talk.

South Beach Smoke’s Home Delivery Program is really in your best interest. If you don’t know about it yet, well now you do. It’s all about convenience, time-saving, money-saving, and automating your life just a little further for the sake of keeping things simple. Because you’ve got enough complicating things going on, right?

So, the SBS Home Delivery Program has been running for years, and so many of our customers know full and well the value it offers. By being a member you will get to enjoy a whole host of great benefits. All future shipments of your cartridges will be priced at 20% off. If e-liquids are your thing, you’ll get 10% off those! You set the delivery frequency, based on your preferences, along with the quantity, and basically sit back and relax and wait for your goods to come in. No running out, no running short, no bothering to remember at the last minute. It’s an awesome investment that saves you time and effort.

The Home Delivery Program is also worth it alone just for the fact that it gets you a LIFETIME WARRANTY on all parts and equipment (excluding the South Beach Smoke Air device, parts, and equipment).

Best of all, there is no commitment, no contract, and no cost to join. Simply sign up at your convenience, and should you decide to exit the program, you can do so anytime. Could it get any easier? No, we think not.

So, if you’d like to take advantage, you can SIGN UP HERE. We’d love to have you on board and we’d love to see you get all the benefits that await you. Home Delivery makes vape life so much easier!

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