Disposable electronic cigarettes are perfect for newcomers to vaping

Millions of smokers across the U.S. have turned their backs on traditional tobacco cigarettes and have embraced vaping. Even if you haven't tried vaping yourself, you might be curious about how it feels, the kinds of flavors that are available, and whether e-cigs really stack up against tobacco. We understand that not everyone is willing to invest in the quality rechargeable e-cigarettes included in our Deluxe Starter Packs, which is why South Beach Smoke disposable electronic cigarettes are the perfect choice for smokers who are new to vaping.

Are disposable e-cigs different than regular e-cigarettes?
Essentially, our disposable electronic cigarettes are identical to the ones included in our starter packs. The only real difference is that instead of recharging the battery when the unit is depleted, you simply toss it away. This ease and convenience makes disposable e-cigs perfect for newcomers, as there are no chargers or power supplies to concern yourself with. Simply enjoy the cool, crisp flavors of your electronic cigarette, then get rid of it.

Do you have to assemble disposable electronic cigarettes?
Although our deluxe e-cigs require little assembly before you can start enjoying the pleasures of vaping, our disposable electronic cigarettes are sold pre-assembled, so you don't need to do anything to get vaping right away. Ordinarily, the battery, which resembles the main white section of a traditional tobacco cigarette, and the atomizer, which is designed to look like a filter, need to be connected to one another. However, with a disposable e-cig, you can start vaping right after taking it out of the packaging.

Does the vapor from a disposable e-cig feel different?
One of the main reasons why so many American smokers are turning to vaping is that it provides them with the same satisfying throat hit of traditional tobacco without the smoke, ash or combustion. Just as our range of electronic cigarettes offer you the delicious, full-bodied flavor of tobacco smoke without the chemicals, so do our disposable electronic cigarettes. The atomizer section of the e-cig features a single hole through which you inhale the water-based vapor. This design mimics the "pull" smokers experience when drawing on a filter-tipped tobacco cigarette, which makes vaping a uniquely realistic smoking experience.

We know you'll love vaping, but why not try it for yourself by investing in a disposable electronic cigarette starter pack? At just $39.99 for a pack of four or $74.99 for an eight-pack, these e-cigs are amazing value for the money and provide you with the same satisfaction as tobacco without the hassle.