Don’t Be a Turkey… Choose Your E-Cigarettes Wisely!

With so many brands of electronic cigarettes out there, so many sites, so many reviews, so much chatter on the forums, advice from friends, your parents, your neighbors… where is a curious smoker to begin? How do you find good, honest e-cigarette reviews? How do you which are the better brands to go after?

Difficult it may seem at first, but there are a few things to keep in mind when shopping around for an e-cig company. Think about reputation. South Beach Smoke was one of the first e-cigarette names in the market. We are synonymous with high quality products that are perfect for novices and experts alike, while also maintaining affordability and amazing versatility. Price is not necessarily an indicator of quality, as experienced users can tell you that there are many brands out there that do not live up to the hype and fall very short when it comes to the actual performance. Right now, all of our e-cigarette starter kits are sweetly priced at 25% off! Right in time for Thanksgiving, giving you every opportunity to not be be a turkey, allowing you to make the switch to vapor side very affordably!

E-cigarettes come in all varieties of shapes and sizes, with different features, and cartridge styles. South Beach Smoke e-cigs have won awards and have been the number one choice of celebrities for years now. Our two-part e-cigarette enables users to have a very comfortable experience that does not veer too far away from the experience of smoking an actual tobacco cigarette. We offer two styles of switching, so you can have your pick between absolutely no effort involved with the Automatic switch, or the Manual, which produces slightly more vapor by volume, however you have to exert a little more strength by pushing the little button that activates it while you vape.

We also are pretty pleased to provide some of the best customer service in the industry; just ask our customers! They’ll tell you themselves, that when push comes to shove, if issues arise we handle them in stride, always putting YOU first! So as far as reviews go, hundreds of our customers have left good word, and we can’t thank them enough!